I figure I should do an update on my life atm. Lets recap what has happened in my life.

Lets start off with Kevin. Kevin has turned into a pot head, ******** two girls, and started going to the gym.
Dylan got laid, and might be getting an awesome job soon!
Devin is being a bro.
Teddy and Emily are engaged! Josh is married, and Vic is also engaged.

Now for me....a bit has happened. I met my online girlfriend for the first time. I also kissed her. I kissed my first girl. I also broke her heart...for the 3rd time. She's probably not talking to me again. Because of that I experimented with pot, and alcohol. I now drink. Thats alright because I'm in love again.
RIGHT, I went on my first date with a girl named Molly. She's avoiding me but we will see where that goes.
School's still a pain in the a**. I'm missing the gym because of it. But I will be back on the 22nd.
I started hanging out with my shelter friends. It's nice hanging out with girls...but I can't help but like all of them. Katie's cute, Courtney is awesome, and Courtney is fun to be around. I'm starting to think Maria is wanting my D but...that could just be me.
Luna got adopted again, and Dani is engaged.
That's it I think. sweatdrop