I'm back my followers! sorry for the long wait. And here... we.... GO!

I start to pack my bag for the trip to the Sorority's castle. i don't need much, my cloak, a map of the island, food (and yes, Ciphers do eat, duh), and some charges, i case i need to explode something.
I go into the main hall and see every one of my subordinates ready to go.
"Excellent." I say.
"We are all ready to go sir." says Kexim, he slings his large sword case over his shoulder.
"Very Well," i say. I open a shadow door and we cross over.
The Castle was small, smaller than C.C, but still fairly large.
"How do we get in 5?" I ask.
Ajex walks ahead and checks behind a tree. "Here," he pulls back a branch to reveal a tunnel.
"Alright, Xifft, Ajex, you come with me, Kex, Ex, you two stay here; if anything goes wrong, Exil will fire Explosive rounds and both of you will leave, the four of us will take care of our selves. Understood?"
everyone nods in agreement.
"then let's go."
the three of us go through the tunnel. When we come out we're in a large cavern.
"This is.... cool." says Xifft, inspecting a skeleton that's chained to the wall.
"Not if you're a prisoner. Not in the least." Ajax says, shuddering.
"Who's there?" asked a voice at the end of the caver.
"Mar?" asked Ajex.
"Jex? is that you? get me out!!"
We go to the last cell. in the cell is a thin guy, no older than we look, he has long, black, hair, a crooked nose, and highly toned muscles.
"Marlucious?" i ask.
"Yes." he said. "Please get me out of here."
"Sure, stand back." I raise my hand and a hammer is formed with my Mist.
"I wouldn't do that if i were you." said a strange voice.