Bloodline: Threads.

Classes: Ninjutsu (Main) - Taijutsu (Secondary)

Chakra Element: Earth - Main

Heart 1: Water


Chakra: 225 / 50 / 40 = 315 Chakra
Stamina: 25 / 200 = 225 Stamina

Ninjutsu Slots: 6 + 2 / 1 + 2 = 11 Ninjutsu

Heart Nin Slots: 8

Passive Strengths: Ninjutsu can ooverwhelm same ranked techniques, will not succomb to lightning skills as a weakness.

Able to fool death

-Ninjutsu Skills-

Tsuchi Gunjikoudou no Jutsu [ Earth Military Movement Technique ]
Rank: E
Official Description: This jutsu allows the user to enter the ground and "swim" in it for a limited time.
Guild Description: The user simply has to dive into the ground for this jutsu to activate, allowing them to swim around at their leisure.

Domu [ Earthen Spear ] *Signature Skill*
Rank: B
Official Description: Domu is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Akatsuki member Kakuzu. After forming the needed Snake handseal, Kakuzu will harden his body using the Earth Element. This provides greater defense against attack and will also strengthen his arm to increase his striking ability. Like other Doton based jutsu, it is weak against Raiton attacks.
Guild Description: See the official description.

-Bloodline Skills-

Ito Todoku [ Thread Reach ]
Rank D
The user releases some of their threads from either wrist, allowing the tentacle like "appendages" to be used for most anything a hand could. ( Keep in mind: each thread has a maximum length of three times the user's height. )

Ito Souken: Shuriken [ Thread Creation: Shuriken ]
Rank D
The user will swing their arm, using the vertical or horizontal momentum to launch a number of small thread pieces from their wrist joint. As they spin in the air, the threads will become flat and sharp, acting as if typical shuriken. ( Genin: 3 shuriken. Chuunin: 6. Jounin: 9. Konin: 12. Sannin: 15. )

Ito Enchou [ Thread Extension ]
Rank C
The user relaxes and outstretches the threads that occupy the shoulder, elbow, and (optionally) wrist joints. This simple act grants an incredible increase in physical reach, while not reducing any of the user's actual strength. ( Keep in mind: each thread has a maximum length of three times the user's height. )

Ito Souken: Mori [ Thread Creation: Lance ]
Rank C
The user releases threads from the wrist and elbow joints, forcing them to wrap around the arm and outstretch from the fingers about one yard. The extension of threads twine in on one another and form a very sharp and rather durable point, meanwhile the threads twisting around the arm itself merely harden for defense purposes. This newly formed thread weapon can be used for slicing, stabbing, scraping, and minor defensive purposes- just as a lance could.

Ito no Gaikotsu [ Exoskeleton of Threads ]
Rank B
The threads from the shoulders, arms, and upper back expand to form a massive tangling "spider-body." Not only does this alteration offer a gruesome visage, but it also grants the user a variety of ranged attacks and defenses by these thread appendages. To put it simply, this is like a mass-scale version of Ito Enchou. ( Keep in mind: each thread has a maximum length of three times the user's height. )

Ayumi Eda [ Walking Limb ]
Rank B
The user will place a heart into an arm or leg, and then detach that limb. Although typically more vulnerable like this, the detached limb functions as an entirely separate entity. The user is able to reattach the limb at any time in which they are close enough to one another.

Tekishutsu [ Extraction ]
Rank B
The user raises an arm, pointing their palm open toward their target. Threads will then sprout from the wrist and attempt to latch onto the target's chest, right over the heart region. So long as they are not removed, these threads will dig into the victim's chest, carving a path to the heart. If they manage to make it to the heart, the threads will then extract it, and coil back into the user's body along with it.