It's only July and I cannot wait for summer to end and school to begin. I miss my friends and having something to do. ): Only one more year until it's all done. I am looking forward to the crisp air and warm apple ciders! I will miss all the sun and beach time though ): and Turkey was beautiful, we went during the protests and it was so sad to see oppression in a country that is so prosperous but the people were to proud to be Turks anyway, I wish Americans could be proud without being obnoxious. I can't say I'm not proud to be an american, but we tend to abuse our privileges and feel entitled to everything. This trip let me see that 1) Freedom of Speech & Press is a HUGE deal (I cannot imagine an American being thrown into jail for saying they don't like the president and he should be impeached. Half of the US would be arrested every 4 years! 2) Having the right to a speedy and fair trial isn't common sense, there are people who have been in jail for 10 years (since AKP was put into power) and haven't had a trial yet 3)A.C. is hard to come by so enjoy it