So, how many of you are actually, seriously afraid of certain things because of Doctor Who? I know I am one of those people. It's just, after the episode "Blink" I've never trusted a angel statues, I can't stand looking away from them, I have to blink one eye at a time before I see a chance to run like hell. And I'm afraid of finding two shadows... and I hate when I forget things because it makes me feel like I saw the Silence. Now, along with being afraid of a lot of things, I hate pears, apples, and call mean people "Mr. Thick Thick Thickity-Thickface from Thick Town, Thickainia" I don't eat beans any more and if I went to parties, I'd bring a banana. Not only that, but I have convinced myself the Doctor IS real, but he is too busy saving the planet to notice me...Anyway, enough about that! Haha... ha... sweatdrop Next time, I think I'll review "Blink" or "The Pandorica Opens"

~ Foxxy wink heart