no fireworks this year. but i did manage to grab some time with my buddy.
she went all the way up to Kentucky to be with family and she got back on Saturday.
oh my god, i missed her. i think i have separation anxiety... (;¬_¬)
anyways............ she told me that she really wanted to see the new comedy movie, which i didn't even know was showing until she showed me the preview for it. i invited her to come see it with me and she said yes. i count this as a date...she doesn't know it, but idgaf...
i also found out that i really, like...need to calm the ******** down.

and i thought this other girl really needed someone to listen to her, so i did... and it turns out, she's just a selfish brat who can't appreciate her own family.
so there went the ******** i gave.