ABC Order.

Carlos - Don't think because you're at the top of this list, you're special. You're only here because it's ABC order.
LOLJK. Anyways, you're a cool bro, seriously. You make me laugh because you're so stupid~ JK, you're not stupid. If you were stupid, I wouldn't be your franddd~
But yeah, you've been a buddy of mine for a while, and yeah, you're cool.
I hope we stay friends for a while because we have some of the funniest conversations~ Also, it's fun picking on each other.


Clayton - Clayton, you're a whore. That is all. LOLJK.
Seriously, you're pretty cool. You were one of my first friends on Gaia.. then you vanished for like A YEAR AND I THOUGHT YOU DIED *cries*
Anyways, you do some of the funniest s**t. Like, seriously. When you mess with people in towns, it rips my sides. I laugh so hard, I s**t myself. I literally s**t all over my self so much, it gets matted to my a** hole.
Anyways, stay awesome boi~ even if being awesome means getting banned. Loljk. So mean, IDFC.
*Break dances so hard, Earth explodes*


David - David, you're my cream pie buddy~ ememememhhh.
Anyways, if we had a twerk team, it would be called, "Cream pie twerk'ns.." Like the name? I do. Anyways, you've been a friend of mine for... A WHILE.
I think as long as Clayton? Ya, about that long.
I remember when we'd all be with the Naruto folk and stuff. Remember those days?
Emmh, those were the days.
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Kris - Gurl, you so cray. Like, you're one of my best frandsss and like, you're so awesome ;__;
We've had the funniest conversations. Honestly, I've told you more s**t then I've told a lot of other people. I normally come to you or Rai when something's up )':
Y'all and the whole group have been there for meeee, even when I'm an annoying whore and never shut the ******** up. Like, I talk to much, I'm surprised you all haven't killed me yet. LOLOLOL.
Anyways, one day we will make a twerk team, and it shall be named, "Rai's Twerking Angels." lol jk.
Anyways, when we meet in RL, people are gonna fear us. You know why? We're ******** awesome <333
GURLLLLLL, we cray. Merack on gurl... Merack on.