This one will be a short post I just needed to say a few things... You know what? Lucky Star is one of my all time favorite animes; I would say it ranks third behind Clannad and Angel Beats. What can I say this anime has it all; it isn't too far out there like some animes, SAO for example , you feel as if the things that are happening to the girls could happen to you, and I know it sounds odd, but I became attached to the girls from the random argument about food in the first episode all the way to the last minute of the final episode. Second, unlike my other favorites this anime is for the light heated; granted Angel beats did have it's humor, but it was always left with the depressing moments that made me a 16 year old man cry, and Clannad.. well let us say it was sad crying . Back to the topic, Lucky Star's humor is light, but it packs a punch..heavy but sweet. Now I need to address this.. I am not saying Lucky Star didn't have it's moments where You wanted to crawl into a ball and cry ((if you don't trust me watch this, but the sad moments do hang with you, but hey are always tied up with a happy coy moment as well. Over all I will say if you haven't seen Lucky Star, go watch it, and I will leave you with this question. What is your favorite Anime, and why