What they say:
What I say:

Age doesn't matter. No it really does. But the experience you gain during that age does matter.

It's just a phase you'll it I'll get better. It will get better but you gotta work for it.

Be who you wanna be. Thats not true, because you don't know who you wanna be or even know who you are yet.

I wanna die. No you don't you just say that cuz, your either in need of attention or your just being a teenager and likes to rebel against anyone who doesn't agree with you.

I love you for who you are... That might be true now, but you don't think about what might happen later on. People can easily change their minds.

I have my rights! Yes you do, but that doesn't mean you breaking the laws that was meant to protect you.

Be a man. Totally taking out of context! It just means to "better yourself."

Queer. It means odd, not gay!

There is no god... How do you know when you haven't even tried.

I have no life. No? but what are you then?

Would you die for me? Most people would say "yes I will!" I would say "no, because I'll live for you, forever."

Am I good enough? Tbh. No, your are better.