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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Gaia Event Item List

Anniversary Items
Astra-65: 10th Anniversary Unending Lament
4th Anniversary Blue Roman Candle
4th Anniversary Red Roman Candle
4th Anniversary Super Roman Candle
10th Anniversary Bargain Bin MMVII DVD
10th Anniversary B.O.O. Skin
10th Anniversary Deluxe Box of Chocolates
10th Anniversary Diamond Rose Corsage
10th Anniversary Freshly Fished Sushi
10th Anniversary Go Gaia Skyline
10th Anniversary Mini Angelic Halo & Winglets
10th Anniversary Mini Nitemare Halo & Winglets
10th Anniversary Moobie Plush
10th Anniversary Ultra Satan Cat Face
10th Anniversary zOMG! Ring
10th Anniversary Zurg UFO Catcher
Coco Fleece Hat
Gaia 7th Anniversary Phee-Chan Slippers
Gaia 7th Anniversary Radio Jack Slippers
Gaia 9th Anniversary Scarf
Kiki Fleece Hat
Kitty Slippers
Noise Maka
Paper Party Hat
M Gaia Tshirt
S Gaia Tshirt
XL Gaia Tshirt

April Fools 2k7
Soot Face (Explode)

April Fools 2k9
Omnidrink Personal Improvement Spray

April Fools 2k10
Ash Face

April Fools 2k11: Meowbook
Cat Faces
Premium Cat Feast
World's Best Jeans

April Fools 2k12: Mother Duck's Sunday Stroll
Ron Bruise Mask

April Friday 13th 2k12
Seven Years Bad Luck

Beach Party
Beach Towel Cape
Blue Onesie Cup

Camp Chaos
Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash
Fitness Camp Diet Food
Fitness Camp Weighted Gloves
Fitness Camp Windbreaker
Juvie Camp Plastic Spork Tool
Juvie Camp Shabby Beanie
Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie
Rich Camp Leather Coat
Rich Camp Raining Money
Rich Camp Stacks of Gold
Science Camp Beaker & Tongs
Science Camp Labcoat
Science Camp Thick Eyeglasses

Christmas 2k3
Jolly Hat

Christmas 2k4
Spirited Boxers
Spirited Gloves
Spirited Socks
Spirited Hat
Spirited Pants
Spirited Scarf
Spirited Shirt
Spirited Shoes

Christmas 2k5
Holly Jolly Boots
Holly Jolly Collar
Holly Jolly Mittens
Holly Jolly Poinsettia Earmuffs
Holly Jolly Socks

Christmas 2k6: Zurg Santa
Alien Antenna Horns
Cowhide Santa Hat
Long Bull Horns
Lucky Star
Rebellion Face Mask
Spirited 2k6 Boots
Spirited 2k6 Candy Cane
Spirited 2k6 Corsage
Spirited 2k6 Gift Bag
Spirited 2k6 Hat
Spirited 2k6 Scarf
Spirited 2k6 Mistletoe
Water Meat

Christmas 2k7: Gaia Orphans
Cap a la Gingerbread
Caroling Sheet Music
Carrot Nose
Christmas Stocking
Eggnog with Cinnamon Stick
Gingerbread Man Cookie
Heart of Gold
Holly Candle
Holly Pin
Holly Hairpiece
Jingle Bell Earrings
Orphan's Elephant Doll
Plate of Cookies and Milk
Ragged Ugly Scarf
Spirited 2k7 Boots
Spirited 2k7 Gloves
Spirited 2k7 Hat
Spirited 2k7 Jeans
Spirited 2k7 Peppermint Lollipop
Spirited 2k7 Puff Vest
Spirited 2k7 Scarf
Spirited 2k7 Socks
Tiny Christmas Head-Tree
Ugly Orphan Sweater

Christmas 2k8: Santa Cow
Spirited 2k8 Boots
Spirited 2k8 Candycane Dress
Spirited 2k8 Candycane Stockings
Spirited 2k8 Candycane Vest
Spirited 2k8 Festive Bow
Spirited 2k8 Peppermint Cap
Spirited 2k8 Santa Hat
Spirited 2k8 Scarf

Christmas 2k9: Fallen Gods
Coal Sprite
Garbage Wings
Overseer / Sentinel Figurine
Overseer Tarp Cape
Overseer's Tub
Peppermint Squid
Spirited 2k9 Captain's Boots
Spirited 2k9 Captain's Cap
Spirited 2k9 Captain's Coat
Spirited 2k9 Casimir Dress
Spirited 2k9 Casimir Fascinator
Spirited 2k9 Casimir Pin
Spirited 2k9 Embroidered Scarf
Spirited 2k9 Embroidered Stockings
Tinsel Halo
Xmas 2k9 Overseer's Makeshift Red Engine Doll
zOMG Ribbon

Christmas 2k10: Save Santa!
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Bag
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Belt
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Coat
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Dress
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Hat
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Scarf
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Stockings
Spirited 2k10 Snowflake Trousers
Xmas 2k10 Event Cozy Fireplace
Xmas 2k10 Event Holiday Cheer
Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech Cap
Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech Shoes & Stockings
Xmas 2k10 Event Elftech Uniform
Xmas 2k10 Event Festive Candycane Scarf
Xmas 2k10 Event Fir Laurels
Xmas 2k10 Event Garland Scarf
Xmas 2k10 Event Gingerbread House
Xmas 2k10 Event Santa's Bag of Toys
Xmas 2k10 Event Santa Is Watching Sweater
Xmas 2k10 Event Winter Night

Christmas 2k11: The Carol of Old Pete
Frosted Holiday Cake
Gary's Island Adventure
Gifted Giftwrap Hat
Gilded Sleigh Skates
Mistletoe Headband
Rocky Ranger BB Gun
Peppermint Stripe Apron
Perfect Present
Silver Sable Coat
Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Capelet
Spirited 2k11 Candy Cane Lantern
Spirited 2k11 Caroling Cap
Spirited 2k11 Merry Boots
Spirited 2k11 Merry Mittens
Spirited 2k11 Puffy Pants
Spirited 2k11 Puffy Shirt
Steaming Mug of Cocoa
Sugarplum Jingle Brooch
Sugarplum Jingle Hairpin
Summon Gingerbread Fluff
Tiered Tinsel Dress
Xmas 2k11 Event Carl Slippers
Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Antlers
Xmas 2k11 Event Festive Spirit
Xmas 2k11 Event Ol' Pete's Sweater

Christmas 2k12: Apocalypsmas
DOOM Party Glasses
Doomsday Party Placard
Four Ponies of the Apocalypse
Hoarded Snack Cakes
Holiday Bunker
Holiday Feast
Leftover Tin Foil Hat
Mrs. Claws Sweater
Mutated Snowman
Rudolph Gasmask
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Boots
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Coat
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Clip
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Mittens
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Pants
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Scarf
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Shirt
Spirited 2k12 Sugarmint Top hat
Ultra Satan Slippers
Wintry Snowglobe
Xmas 2k12 Bah! Humbug!
Xmas 2k12 Bell Choir Gloves
Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Coat
Xmas 2k12 Festive Poinsettia Dress

Christmas 2k3
Astra 114: Xmas 2k13 Shiny Nose
Astra-115: Xmas 2k14 Filigree Flurry
Formula 1: Oink Beanie Hat
Frosted 2k13 Adornment
Frosted 2k13 Boots
Frosted 2k13 Fur Hat
Frosted 2k13 Gloves
Frosted 2k13 Gown
Frosted 2k13 Long Coat
Frosted 2k13 North Star Staff
Frosted 2k13 Pants
Holiday 2k13 Snowbunny
Holiday 2k13 Snowjack

Oink Beanie Hat
Oink Cookie
Oink Hot Chocolate
Oink Key
Spirited 2k13 Adornment
Spirited 2k13 Boots
Spirited 2k13 Fur Hat
Spirited 2k13 Gloves
Spirited 2k13 Gown
Spirited 2k13 Long Coat
Spirited 2k13 North Star Staff
Spirited 2k13 Pants

Xmas 2k13 Antique Snowsled
Xmas 2k13 Cookie Beats
Xmas 2k13 Gingerbread Tie
Xmas 2k13 Greatest Gift of All
Xmas 2k13 MistleTOES
Xmas 2k13 Moe Spirit Sweater
Xmas 2k13 Penguin Plushie
Xmas 2k13 Shimmering Laurels
Xmas 2k13 Virtuous Tassels
Xmas 2k13 Wreath Halo

Dragons Be Here 2k13
Ebonscald Sword
Faywing Pocketdrake Horns
Gem2koo Horns
Milkbunodon Horns
Mishirisaurus Horns
Pepperex Horns
Pyvern Horns
Reaptor Horns

Earth Day 2k12
Leafy Crown

Easter 2k5
Bunny Mask
Chickie Mask

Easter 2k6
Easter 2k6 Bunny Tie
Easter 2k6 Chicky Tie

Easter 2k8: Clock Egg
Clock Egg

Easter 2k9
Bunny Scarf
Chickie Scarf
Easter Scarf
Pink Bunny Slippers
Sundae Sweets

Easter 2k10: Diedrich
Easter 2k10 Egg
Easter 2k10 Gambino Egg
Easter 2k10 Grunny Egg
Easter Event 2010 Cheepy
Easter Event 2010 Chicky
Easter Event 2010 Chirpy
Easter Event 2010 Churpy
Strawberry Sundae Sweets

Easter 2k11: Dueling Bunnies
Bunny Fluff Plushie
Easter 2K11 Diedrich's Lab Glasses
Easter 2k11 Diedrich Professor Suit
Easter 2k11 E-Corp Lab Coat
Easter 2K11 Monarch of Easter
Easter 2k11 Robotic Bunny Ears
How to win friends and NOT FAIL
Regal Adornment (Golden Egg)

Easter 2k12: Grunnygeddon!
Easter 2k12 Carrot Gift
Easter 2k12 Diedrich Fur Coat
Easter 2k12 Diedrich Plush Slippers
Easter 2k12 Diedrich Skin Slippers
Easter 2k12 Diedrich Trap
Easter 2k12 Basket of Diedrichs
Easter 2k12 Flock of Diedrichs
Easter 2k12 Sack of Diedrichs

Easter 2k13
Easter 2k13 Bunny Bomb
Easter 2k13 Dynamite Cake
Easter 2k13 E-Corp Body Armor
Easter 2k13 E-Corp Helmet
Easter 2k13 Fluff Fleece
Easter 2k13 Fluff Hood

Friday the 13th 2k12
Seven Years Bad Luck

Friday the 13th 2k13
Lucky Horseshoe Hat

Fourth of July 2k12
Independence Fireworks

Frat Party
Bedsheet Toga
Onesie Cup

GaiAcademy Awards
GaiAcademy Awards Statuette

Gaia's First President 2k12
Binder full of Diedrichs

Gaia Gone Wild Softball
Drachen's Helm
Manul the Pallas Cat
Rock Demon

Gaia Olympics 2k4
Black Olympic Tshirt
White Olympic Tshirt

Gambino vs. Von Helsons
Anti Gambino Picket Signs
Anti Von Helson Picket Signs

Halloween 2k4
Human G-CORP Labcoat
Human G CORP Tshirt
Jack's Disgust
Jack's Joy
Jacked Belt
Jacked Up Boots
Jacked Up Cape
Jacked Up Gloves
Jacked Up Pants
Jacked Up Shirt
Jacked Up Shoes
Really Jacked Up Gloves
Really Jacked Up Pants
Really Jacked Up Shirt
S-Corp Labcoat
Zombie G CORP Labcoat
Zombie G CORP Tshirt

Halloween 2k5
Jack Uniform Cap
Jack Uniform Coat
Jack Uniform Gloves
Jack Uniform Pants
Jack Uniform Shirt
Jack Uniform Shoes
Jack Visor

Halloween 2k6: The Zurg
Jack'd Cape 2k6
Jack'd Gloves 2k6
Jack'd Mask
Jack'd Pants 2k6
Jack'd Skirt 2k6
Jack'd Shoes 2k6
Jack'd Sweater 2k6

Halloween 2k7: Humans vs. Vampires
Black Spider Back Tattoo
Black Spider Chest Tattoo
Dead Rat Hat
Freddy Claws
Ghost Cape
Jack's 2k7 Armor Boots
Jack's 2k7 Armor Gloves
Jack's 2k7 Armor Plate
Jack's 2k7 Headphones
Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Ballgown
Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Beret
Jack's 2k7 Pumpkin Earrings
Little Black Bat
Spider on My Face
Vampire Bite Marks
Wooden Stake
Used Chainsaw

Halloween 2k8: Halloween Hysteria
Dark Elf's Aura
Dark Elf's Circlet
Dark Elf's Light Armor
Dark Elf's Spider Dagger
Dark Elf's Staff
Human's Bazooka
Human's Crowbar
Human's Makeshift Helmet
Human's Makeshift Shield
Human's Smoke Bomb
Jackster Face Paint
Jackster Leggings
Jackster Pointy Shoes
Jackster Puffy Pants
Jackster Tunic
Jackster Two-Pointed Hat
Jackster Wand
Oh My Gumball
Vampire's Bat Swarm
Vampire's Blood Moon
Vampire's Coffin
Vampire's Drained Victim
Vampire's Fangs (RAWR)
Zombie's Feed-Me Shirt
Zombie's Final Mutation
Zombie's Gelatin Brain on a Silver Platter
Zombie's Meaty Limb
Zombie's Soul

Halloween 2k9: Demonbusters
2009 Skittles Trick-or-Treat Pail
B.O.O. Medallion
B.O.O. Robes
B.O.O. Shield
Jack's 2k9 Boots
Jack's 2k9 Creepy Claws
Jack's 2k9 Coat
Jack's 2k9 Giant Lollipop
Jack's 2k9 Ominous Mask
Jack's 2k9 Pants
Jack's 2k9 Pumpkin Lantern
Jack's 2k9 Vest
Night Fright Eyes
Night Fright Skin

S.I.N. Mace
S.I.N. Medallion
S.I.N. Robes
Sentinel's Death Portal
Sour Patch Kids Angel and Devil Buddie
Spear of the Overseer
Werewolf Pup

Halloween 2k10: Grave Danger!
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Cuffed Trousers
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Flashy Cape
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Pumpkin Cravat
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Reaping Sword
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Sharp Coat
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Silk Boxers
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Stomper Boots
Fightin' Jack's 2k10 Twisted Hat

Grave Danger Spectral Shroud
Grave Danger Yurei Doll
Grave Danger Potato's Requiem
Grave Danger Widow's Parasol
Grave Danger Stuntman's Jacket
Grave Danger Fairy Wings
Grave Danger Funeral Frame
Marshall Companion
Pumpkin Fluff Plushie

Halloween 2k11: The Masquerade
2K11 Masquerade Brooch
2k11 Werewolf Hunter
2k11 Werewolf Skin

Ashen Werewolf
Black Werewolf
Blood Werewolf
Brown Werewolf
Gray Werewolf
Ice Werewolf
Jack's 2k11 Boots
Jack's 2k11 Gloves
Jack's 2k11 Mantle
Jack's 2k11 Mask
Jack's 2k11 Pants
Jack's 2k11 Scarf
Jack's 2k11 Shirt
Jack's 2k11 Tattered Belt

Shadow Werewolf
Sparkle Werewolf
zOMG H2k11 Jack o Lantern Shield
zOMG H2k11 Pumpkin Helm

Halloween 2k12: The Don
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Badge
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Healing Potion
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Militia Coat
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Owl Familiar
Halloween 2k12 Kuro Gang Sword
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Badge
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Bat Familiar
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Gun
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Healing Potion
Halloween 2k12 Von Helson Militia Coat
Jack's 2k12 Carved Face
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Cravat
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Jacket
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Monocle
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Pants
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Sickle
Jack's 2k12 Pumpkin Shoes
Jack's 2k12 Widebrim Hat

Halloween 2k13

Easter Bunny's H2k13 Triumph
H2k13 EB Cleric Tome

H2k13 EB Magic Wand
H2k13 EB Rogue Dagger
H2k13 EB Shield

H2k13 EB Warrior Sword
H2k13 Jack Cleric Tome
H2k13 Jack Magic Wand
H2k13 Jack o' Lantern
H2k13 Jack Rogue Dagger

H2k13 Jack Shield
H2k13 Jack Warrior Sword
Jack's 2k13 Bolero
Jack's 2k13 Cane
Jack's 2k13 Coat

Jack's 2k13 Ornate Bolero
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Cane
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Coat
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Pants
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Ribbon
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Skull Bustle
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Top Hat
Jack's 2k13 Ornate Vest
Jack's 2k13 Pants
Jack's 2k13 Pumpkin Bustle
Jack's 2k13 Ribbon
Jack's 2k13 Top hat
Jack's 2k13 Vest
Jack's Celebration Hat

Leap Year 2k8
Leap Year Frog

Leap Year 2k12
Gregory the Leap Frog

May the Fourth Be With You
Chest Console
Chest Core - The Avengers

Prom 2k8: Prom Crashers
Leather Dress Watch
Prom Monarch's Collar
Prom Monarch's Crown
Satin Hairbow
Silk Bowtie

Prom 2k9: Promageddon
Barrel Apparel
Golden Sparkles
Heavenly Drapes
Iron Maiden
Neck Shackle
Sea Anemone Bouquet
Skittles Crazy Cores Top Hat
Skittles Crazy Core Tuxedo
The Starfish crown
Wheat Stalk

House Pride

Rejected Olympics 2k8
2008 Rejected Olympics Bronze Trophy
2008 Rejected Olympics Burnt Toast Trophy
2008 Rejected Olympics Gold Trophy
2008 Rejected Olympics Silver Trophy

2008 Rejected Olympics Shirts
Adoring Fans
Determined Eyes
Full Body Cast
Javelin Impalement
Knocked Out Teeth
Lightning Bolt
Plastic Bag
Race Start Gun
Rejected Olympic Torch
Second Hand Power Drink
Sweaty Jock Strap
Town Flags

Rejected Olympics 2k12
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Beach Babes
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Bunch of Balloons
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Aekea Neckerchief
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Barton Neckerchief
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Durem Neckerchief
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Gambino Neckerchief
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Olympian Jacket
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Paintball Splatters
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Participation Ribbon
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Tiki Trophy (Bronze)
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Tiki Trophy (Gold)
Rejected Olympics 2k12 Tiki Trophy (Silver)

School Survival Guide
Antique Globe
Dunce Cap
Textbook Tower

S.O.S:Save Our Shops
Edmund's Scar
Liam's Tank
Moira's Wig
Ruby's Bonnet
Rufus Cosplay
Sasha's Lei
SOS Picket Sign

St. Patrick's Day 2k11
Astra-XI: Lucky Clover

St. Patrick's Day 2k12
Golden Clover

Summer 2k7: Summer Festival
Aekea Water Festival Shirt
Barton Water Festival Shirt
Durem Water Festival Shirt
Gambino Water Festival Shirt
Gold Water Balloon Trophy
Silver Water Balloon Trophy
Squirt Gun
Water Splash
Watermelon Hat

Summer 2k9: Camp Chaos
Camp Chaos Secret Stage Sash
Fitness Camp Diet Food
Fitness Camp Weighted Gloves
Fitness Camp Windbreaker
Juvie Camp Plastic Spork Tool
Juvie Camp Shabby Beanie
Juvie Camp Striped Hoodie
Rich Camp Leather Coat
Rich Camp Raining Money
Rich Camp Stacks of Gold
Science Camp Beaker & Tongs
Science Camp Lab Coat
Science Camp Thick Eyeglasses

Summer 2k10: Frontier Skies
Frontier Skies Earth Medal
Frontier Skies Fire Medal
Frontier Skies Shadow Medal
Frontier Skies Water Medal
Frontier Skies Wind Medal

Summer 2k11: Pie Hard
Food Coma
Giant Spoon & Fork
Live Free or Pie Hard
Pie Cape
Pies! Pies! Pies!
Team Carl Face Paint
Team Carl Pennant
Team Carl Face Shirt
Team Diedrich Face Paint
Team Diedrich Pennant
Team Diedrich Face Shirt
Team Ian and Rufus Face Paint
Team Ian and Rufus Pennant
Team Ian and Rufus Shirt
Team Kanoko Face Paint
Team Kanoko Pennant
Team Kanoko Shirt
Team Louie Face Paint
Team Louie Pennant
Team Louie Shirt
Team Stein Face Paint
Team Stein Pennant
Team Stein Shirt

Summer 2k13: What The Fluff?!
Citrus Fluff
Cupcake Fluff
Honey Fluff
Pegacorn Fluff
Radioactive Fluff
What the Fluff Balloon
What the Fluff Feed
What the Fluff Participation Shirt
Wyvern Fluff

The Gaian Annual Ball
Black Bow Tie
Red Rose Corsage

The Second Gaian Anniversary Ball
Gaia 2nd Anniversary Balloon
Gaia 2nd Anniversary Party Hat
V Pin (left half)
V Pin (right half)

The Second Gaian Annual Ball

The Third Gaian Anniversary Ball
G Buckle
G Shades Blue
G Shades Pink
G Shades Yellow

Valefor School Grounds
School Club Pride
School Club Pride Scarves

Valentine 2k7
Labu Necklace

Valentine 2k8
Red Heart Balloon
Red Heart Glasses
Silver Heart Belt

Valentine 2k9
V-Day 2k9 Chocolate
V-Day 2k9 Heart Lollipop

Valentine 2k11
V-Day 2k11 Diedrich's Balloon
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Bouquet
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Hairpin
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Parasol
V-Day 2k11 Gloryheart Sword
V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Blade
V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Bouquet
V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Hairpin
V-Day 2k11 Heartsbane Parasol
V-Day 2k11 Radio Jack's Balloon

Valentine 2k12
Valentine 2k12

Valentine 2k13
V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Anklets
V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Top Hat
V-Day 2k13 Candy Heart Hairclip

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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