Dream Log 7/5/13 (the night before)
Ok So i had two dreams, the first one I dont really wanna talk about much due to the weirdness. But what I will say in that dream I was dressed in a leotard and tutu while at this giant theater that has been in my dream before. I may have gone on stage, can't remember. There were lots of people.
Anyways next dream, It was almost like a continuation maybe? Me, my parents, sisters, and a few friends of my older sisters were there. We were all outside of a theater and there was a giant crowd of people. I was looking for everyone, they weren't with me at the time I think they were at the end of the crowd.
I begin to walk towards them when suddenly I hear a gunshot, then I suddenly get shot in the head. But, the subconscious gamer that I am, I immediately respawn to where i was standing. I realize i have to get a move on this time and I duck and start running, nope no good shot again. So i try again starting to get frustrated. This time i make it through the crowd of now panicked people and make my way to my family. We run for a little but then these cops show up, i guess they were cops. One of them lifts their gun at me and shoots me. Soo i have to do all of this again.
This time i just keep running and run past the guy who tried to shoot me my family and friends follow. We end up in this building somehow and it's got all this technologically advanced robot stuff. It was a really strange place and hard to describe. It was like.. maybe close to the part in Star Tours where you're waiting in line? But it was more refined than that. It was somewhat similar to the level in Super smash bros in the main story plot where you're zero suit samus and pikachu.. Anyways we end up walking through this place and find out that everything pretty much wants to kill me, i have no idea why. But i do know that if i die i have to do All of it over again.
So we are going through these obstacles that include trying not to fall into a bottomless pit from falling off a thin plank of wood, surviving the Khan/dragon thing. Sherlock. That guy who plays Khan and the dragon in the hobbit he was there and could somehow breathe fire. But we survived somehow.
I remember at one point i was talking to everyone saying "God it feels like im in that one labratory.. uh whats it called." and then my sisters friend said "Aperture laboratories" I said "Yeah that exactly. Sadly no glados"
We kept going and we met these two people who apparently worked there. I think we killed one of them, the male cause he was trying to kill us. But then the blonde chick didn't try to kill us. I'm not sure if she was on our side really but she did help me. There was this one robot who was scanning everyone and if it saw an enemy the light would turn red and a siren would go off and itd try to kill you.
So I hid behind the woman, more like jumped up and hugged her in fear and she stayed still until the robot scanned her, saw her as an employee, and left.
Then we reached this room that had no floor. But it had these walls that you could grab onto and inch your way around the whole room to get to a door. The walls looked like shopping columns. Especially because it was full of stuff, all kinds of stuff. and in the stuff there were notes saying "Take the one that belongs to you" or something like that. So we picked up a bunch of stuff that was apparently ours.
I inched my way to the door and woke up. I dont think anyone in my party died so thats good.