so. ridiculously. tired.


every single day I'm in IA, I have an alarm set. And some days, those alarms are set for 4:00 am, and I don't get off work until midnight.

Happy 4th of July, indeed.

But I did get to see the fireworks. We took a break from closing last night and went on the roof of the mall to watch them. Pretty stinkin' awesome~ ^^

yesterday was just bonkers in general. woke up at 2:30am, couldn't fall back asleep. After tears of frustration that I couldn't breathe again, I just got up, packed for a long weekend at the station by myself (so much food and hobby stuff laying around now... i dread Sunday when I have to clean it all up haha), dropped it off at the station, and went on a bike ride. At 4 am.

Then back to the grind until 2:30pm or so, then another bike ride. Then food, a shower, a nap, and off to job #2. was actually really quiet, and I ended up bussing when the other girl got to go home early so I got my first tip EVAR.

huzzah for the easiest $3 I've ever earned.

And I have mixed feelings about the feet issue. So. Freaking. Sore. It will have been 2 years at the end of this month since I last did commercial cleaning. My feet hurt then, too. But I like the work, and honestly kind of missed the soreness at the end of the day that meant I've actually been doing something.

Exciting day at the station today. Get to do market and business reports for the first time. So all those numbers with the Chicago Board of Trade and Mercantile Exchange? Yeah, I get to read those on-air. Jargon is stupid, but I'm learning.

so, for my own information: I have two news files from the news director already that are carrying over. 8:45 is business news, followed by his old stuff. 9:45 is the Reading of the Ag Markets. (hehehe) Midday reports are out, so I just have to worry about 1:45 closing markets, and recording a call from a bank of the closing stocks and business news to be aired at 3:45.

the other day there were a few people at the station with videocameras. I was taped doing the weather, and it was very awkward leading up to it, because I did a quick song intro before it, and then had a good 5 minutes to kill, making conversation and trying to look busy. I apologized to the girl running the camera, saying that there was a LOT of downtime with this job.

it was interesting that she pointed out how structured the downtime was, though.

Then I remembered that's why i was interested in radio in the first place. When I shadowed a station in high school, it fascinated me how right-to-the-second these people were; now, I'm one of them. xD For example, I like doing intros for songs with 15+ second music intros. (I've done them in 6 or 7, but it's not near as comprehensive) Weather is around 20 after the top of each hour (give or take a few minute), & is usually about 30 seconds to a minute long (with longer casts being 2.5 or 3), depending on what's happening weather-wise. We schedule our songs so we have about a minute (I prefer 30-50 seconds...) before the top of the hour to do a station id and short weathercast.

so yes, there is a lot of down-time. But it's structured.

now, excuse me as I find some breakfast and wait for the bottom of the hour.