Hand in hand, the two entered the car waiting for them out front. "Wee~ Commoners shopping center~" They said in unison, smiling at eachother.

Once there, they barreled out of the car, heading inside and began looking around. "Wow, it's so big!" Kaoru's eyes widened as he took in his surroundings. "Yeah... I almost forgot..." Hikaru responded, his eyes falling on a sweets stand. "Want something?" He turned his gaze back to his brother. Kaoru looked over. "Oh, sure." He smiled, making his way over, fingers laced with Hikaru's.

* * * * *

The two continued to look around the shopping area, stopping at various stands. Kaoru ended up buying Strawberry Pocky at the sweets stand. Kaoru pulled one out, sticking the end in his mouth as he struggled to close the package. Hikaru quickly leaned in, breaking it in half with his mouth. Hikaru grinned as Kaoru blushed, looking around to make sure no one saw that.

The pair finally made their way to the roof level, riding the carousel, the things they had come there for. It was just as great as the last time they were there, but this time felt slightly different since now they were lovers, not just brothers. They held hands.

Once they got up, Kaoru leaned back against the railing, pocky stick in hand. Hikaru reached over, snagging one from the box. "I'm hungry..." He looked off over the railing. Kaoru bit off half of his stick. "Ah... Yeah we haven't eaten really anything today besides those strawberries earlier..."
Hikaru put the tip of his in his mouth, breaking a piece off as he thought. "Want to go eat somewhere?"
Kaoru pulled off another piece between his teeth. "Like, commoners food?"
Hikaru smiled, finishing off his stick. "Yeah." He hooked his arm through his twin's.
The other smiled and sighed, pushing the rest of his piece to Hikaru's lips. He quickly pulled it into his mouth, finishing it off. "Let's go~" He began pulling him along, towards the elevator.

They stood in the elevator alone. Kaoru leaned back against the wall, watching the numbers go down on the digital elevator display. Hikaru grabbed his wrist, pressing against him as he kissed him deeply. Kaoru whimpered and pushed back against his chest until they broke free. "Hikaru!" His cheeks were tinted red, "Don't do that in public..."
"No one can see us..." He said before locking lips with his brother again. This time, he didn't resist.

Once back on the first floor, they began wandering around again. Kaoru turned, pointing back. "Oh, we just passed a ramen shop, want that?"
Hikaru turned to look back at him. "Sure, that sounds good." They made their way into the store, quickly being seated by the window in a corner.
"What sounds good?" Kaoru asked, flipping through the menu.
Hikaru took a sip from his tea. "Spicy...." His eyes gleamed.
"That sounds good." Kaoru smiled at him, closing the menu.
The two ordered spicy ramen.

They talked about trivial things while they ate, the whole time Hikaru kept rubbing his leg against Kaoru's under the table. Each time Kaoru shot him an embarrassed, nervous look. This just made Hikaru want to do it more. He liked making Kaoru blush.

As they waited for a car to come pick them up, they sat on a bench hidden in an alcove by the entrance. "That was fun." Hikaru smiled, looking up towards the ceiling. Kaoru looked down. "Yeah..."
Hikaru slowly slid his hand to the space between them as Kaoru did the same. Their hands overlapping. Hikaru leaned in closer, quickly kissing the other's lips. Kaoru blushed, giving him that look again as they stood up, making their way out to the car. Kaoru frantically searched the sea of faces, trying to gauge if anyone had seen what had just happened or if anyone suspected what was between him and his twin. Hikaru continued to smile, oblivious, pulling him a long.