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Essence of Darkness 1
Chapter 1: Purge

When our strength is tested we seem to cling onto the thing that we cherish most in our lives. No matter what it is. We hope to find some type of joy in that specific crutch, and yet we are left helpless like flocks of sheep-- waiting mindlessly to be slaughtered. We are corrupted by our own minds. Our own thoughts. We tear away trying to escape-- trying to find a way to avoid the conflict. Before we understand, we have lost. Not just our sight, but our sanity.

The world seemed to spin around in circles as I looked between my mother and father. My breaths were frantic and deep. My father was squeezing my hand as if to reassure me. I couldn't bare the pain any longer. I couldn't stop the tears from flooding my eyes. All I could see was the blur from the fluorescent lights as my parents' faces stared down at me with terrified eyes. Was I going to die? I questioned. I couldn't find the words to speak. I wanted to scream. The pipe lodged in my side made it no better. How did I even end up like this? I thought to myself. I felt the darkness pulling me in and my mother's weeping became violent cries.

I opened my eyes to find the room completely deserted. I sat up and found myself in nothing but silence. I looked over to the heart monitor and saw that it was shut down. I pulled out all the IVs only to feel the slight sting. I got up from the bed and fell limply to my knees like a newborn calf. How long have I been sleeping? I looked over at the window and saw rays of sunlight spray through the hospital blinds. I walked to them-- half stumbling and looked out the window to be completely horrified. The streets were thick with abandoned cars. Fires ran rapidly along the hills. Dark thick ash fell from the sky. I covered my mouth-- stunned. What the hell happened? I ran straight for the door and hit in face first as my foot slipped on the slick floor. I laid on the floor, clutching my face as the blood trickled from my nose. The red liquid from under me stained my paper-thin hospital dress. I tore it from my skin and smelt the faintness of blood as I lifted up my hand. I went into the bathroom and washed the blood off me. "I heard some water running from in here!" a voice yelled from outside the door. I swiftly turned off the water and grabbed there nearest robe I could find only to dismay, it was a short furry robe. The voices grew louder and I hid inside the cabinet underneath the dank sink. I heard the knob jiggle and I almost jumped. "Hey Chuck, check out the bodies. Must have been protecting something precious in here." the voice chuckled. "Well then, might as well check to see what's inside." another voice said. The jiggling stopped. I peaked my head from outside the cabinet only to hear loud, violent stomps at the door. I closed the doors just in time to see the door fly open. "Hey Chuck, these look fresh." the voice said. It suddenly went quiet. I covered my mouth and placed a towel along the railing to prevent them from seeing me. I swiveled my head and saw a silver scalpel. I wanted to question the object, but found that this wasn't the time or the place. "Apparently, this is the girl that was in here." the voice informed. I assumed they were looking at the photo of me and my parents that sat on the table side. I heard the man's feet padding along the soft,marble floor. "It's been recently used." a man said, his voice dangerously close. "She couldn't have gotten far then." the man chuckled. "Don't be sick, Eric, she's just a kid." the man assured him. "Don't lie to yourself, Chuck. You been wantin' some young blood for awhile." the man's voice was suddenly a slight southern slang. "We have a job to do. Get in, Get out." Chuck assured him. Eric groaned. I heard one of them rummaging through the cabinets and checking the bed. Possibly for supplies. "There's nothing in here, besides girl's clothes. Let's go." Chuck ordered. Both of the footsteps walked out the door and closed it shut. I peaked my head out once more saw that no one was inside. I quickly got out from the small cabinet and walked into the room to be paralyzed. One of the men, a well-built man stood before me-- his eyes wavering. "You are the girl from the photograph."he said. I nodded, reluctantly. He smirked and sat on the bed. "What's your name?" he asked. I clasped my lips tightly. He noticed and ran his fingers through his lightly shaven hair. "What is your name?" he questioned. I eased my way over to the door, only to be quickly pinned to it. "Cereza!" I said urgently. He was shocked then leaned closely into me, as if to break the space between us. "Cereza..." he muttered under his breath. His breath was warm and smelt of coffee. "My name is Chuck. But you probably guessed that." he mused.

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