Devil's Gate also known as the City of Sin is the crime and sex pool of the land of Vehementa. This place is place you come for pleasure and more. Anything you desire can be found here and its all legal. While the rest of the land goes by the laws, Devil's Gate is the only place where crime stays legal hence its name the City of Sin.
Living in the prostitution section of the city, Sen and his lover Angel struggle to stay together in this place. Even though they both have to sell their bodies to survive, the two remain lovers having only eyes for the other. Still it is hard here everyday could be their last and Sen always worries about his sweet lover. They need to get out this place and for the last three years he's been saving up to do so.

However after a long night of work on the way home both of them witness a murder and the killer doesn't want witnesses. Now the lover must flee the city and make it over to paradise on the other side but a lot stands in their way. Can the lovers stay together and alive to make it to a new life or will they both die trying?