CAPTAIN'S LOG ~onto the journey of depths~

The story is about (actually there is no story at all) a EX-captain of no crew and his loyal friend finding the "Treasure National". In order to find it, they must enter the realm of Limbo and struggle against the evildoers, even there's no main antagonist.

Day 1:
Once, there's this stupid looking pirate and his fugly friend searching for the "Treasure National" of Limbo.

Day 2:
The two idiots posted some spams around the town in order to recruit some new members. In case you wanna know what's written in the spam post of the two idiots, click the link. xd

Day 5:
Three days later, they got ZERO recruit members. Whoa! New record!

Day 6:
After a whole day of depression, the EX-captain decided to take sail alone. He got nothing to bring, just his sword and pistol. Almost forgot his friend, unfortunately his friend died in a car crash and becomes a coffin. Don't worry, he is still alive.

Day 7:
Not far from the boardwalk, the EX-captain forgot something important... how should he know, he forgotten. Well..., he just move on and continue the long journey.

Day 10:
After 3 days, the two idiots are fine even they were not eating anything nor talking, or taking a bath. Both of them are surprisingly in good hygiene condition. Who cares?

Day 11:
Blast!! A maelstrom hits their ship. The ship is completely drenched in sea water and the mast has break by the fierce wind. Cows and pigs flying on the air while the television viewers are pissed off from the stupid random show.

Day 12:
And finally! The Maelstrom sucked the ship of the two idiots. The end, their dead.

Day 13:
After being sucked by the Maelstrom. The two IDIOTS found themselves sleeping in a weird broken ships surrounded by wisps. The EX-captain investigates the area and found outside a graveyard of ships. Ofcourse, with the talking empty coffin.

Day 14:
The stupid crew composed of an EX-captain, a coffin, and a fairy (Lord Death) found a secret money pit of gold, duh! They entered the cave and a notice blocked them. They just agree without knowing, that's what minors do. Inside the money pit, they met the Goddess of All-knowing.

Day 15:
HOLY SHIP! The idiot captain told the Goddess of all-knowing where the "Treasure National" is hidden. Before the goddess tell him, the environment changes and the secret keeper, Ebonscald appears. The four of them went into an epic battle! [The EX-captain, a coffin, a goddess, and a fairy]

Day 16:
After a fight of 24/7. Ebonscald has been defeated and transforms back into his original form. GAWD! I forgot she's a girl, pardon! And so, the Idiot Captain asked the Guardian of Secrets about the "Treasure National". Unfortunately, the Guardian doesn't know because it's TOP SECRET (actually, she really don't know). What the hell?!

Day 19:
And so, the party of Idiots continue their journey and got lost in the wilderness of the desert. They spend the whole days and nights in the empty desert for 3 days. No food, no water, no anything, just the Goddess' singing rodeo songs. On the 3rd day, they met a Mad Jester in the wilderness. The jester doesn't know where the road is. The fairy asked the Goddess of All-knowing where the right direction is, and it's in south. WHAT THE... why not ask the Goddess in the first place?!

DAY 20:
Finally, the EX-captain's random crew found the road to Limbo where the "Treasure National" is. Thanks to the Goddess of All-knowing. On their way onto the road of abyss, a BOOMING voice stopped them and claiming his/her self as God! Oh my god!

DAY 21:
Shiet! The mysterious shadew reveals HIMSELF to the idiot captain. It was no enemy instead, it's the Prince of Eros with HIS guardian fairy, the snail. One of the guardians of the "Treasure National". The prince asked the Ex-captain's help to get rid of the Treasure National because the witch will be using the treasure for an evil purpose. Who the hell is the witch?! [CLUE: she's a panda.] mrgreen

DAY 22:
The prince pointed out a shortcut to the "Treasure National". They entered Davy Jone's locker and met the second guardian of the treasure. It's MOBY DICK!!! The idiot crew has been engaged in an Epic battle once again. NOTE: no sword, no guns, just their epic words and mindf*ck. XDDD

DAY 24:
Two days later (the cast have a break for a day because of not eating from the past 22 days), the crew finally reached the Dark Castle! They're almost near the "Treasure National". The hidden mystery of the world will be finally revealed. And who is this witch who wants to break the party? The crew runs straight into the castle and find out. [CLUE: she wears bloody black.] mrgreen

DAY 25:
They entered the castle and it was pretty clean well organize, LOL. On the middle of the corridor, the last guardian of the "Treasure National" appears and attacks the idiot crew (Blaze got punched on the face). A gigantic bunneh titan appears infront of them and it's master makes a flashy entrance from the ceiling. It was Rocky boy! The idiotic bunneh titan attacked the crew, except for the prince because the prince is blowing the titan's head. As usual, they went into an epic battle once again.

DAY 26:
At last! They finally met the witchy who wants "World Domination"(seriously, search it in the interest tag). The awaited final battle has begun!

After beating the sexy witch. The Treasure National reacts on a dark energy and summoned up the Shadowlord! Oh, the sexy witch bails, LOL. The Ex-captain prepares his final blow along with the support of his friends.

The battle is over. The idiot EX-captain sacrificed himself to save the world from the Shadowlord. His friends survive the clash of their cosmos and the Treasure National is no longer exist. It was dragged into the depths of hell with the Ex-Captain and the Shadowlord. In replace, the world's peace.

The battle is over. The Shadowlord has been defeated but the Treasure National has been sent away from a far away land (guess where? in heaven). The Ex-Captain and his friends has a new journey to pursue! Go forth adventurers! And claim the hidden riches of the world! Then the Ex-Captain and the Prince get married, LOL!