Of course I have feelings
Everyone has feelings
But I don't know about this one in particular
This feeling.....

This is rare and out the box
Almost something that you feel every other century
This is something that makes you think and wonder
Why I am I feeling this way
This feeling.....

It feels good, very good
But confusing, extremely
Almost scary, terrifying
Who knew anyone can feel this way
This feeling.....

I haven't the faintest idea about how this came about
But I don't want it to go, not at all
Of course it's those usual feelings described, but I like it
It's different and amazing all at the same time
This feeling.....

I wonder why I never felt it before
That's just crazy
But I guess it's something that is just that rare
It's lovely
This feeling.....

Almost as if soaring through the bluest sky
Or floating on the softest cloud
Possibly sailing over the clearest water
Or running in the greenest grass
This feeling.....

It's a night sky of stars that shine brighter than anything ever known
It's the sun beaming down on your skin making you warmer and warmer
It's the leaves from the trees gently touching your face
It's the wind blowing through your hair on a breezy day
This feeling.....

A feeling like this can't be contained
It can't stay within
It has to be let out
And shown in a way almost imaginable to others
This feeling.....

It's unworldy and rarely universal
So it's not something that gets passed around
No, it's more than that
So much more
This feeling.....

It is something that should be cherished and shared
But not with anyone
A special someone
Very special
This feeling.....

It should be shared with someone closest to your heart
With someone who can feel exactly what you feel
And not question it, but embrace it
For that is its purpose
This feeling.....

I believe it is to bring a pair closer together
I believe it is to stay within this pair
I believe it is to keep them
I believe it is to claim them as its own
This feeling.....

This feeling.....
This feeling.....

I don't quite understand it
So, it reamains to be Unknown