I feel dirty and used
Like an abandoned pet forced to walk the streets by their owner

I want to be able to keep my chin up
Hold my head high....
But there is always something weighing down on me

This feeling of neglect leaves me wondering if there is anyone that cares for me
If there is anyone out there than can see me
If there are people that can help me
If there is a being at all that will be by my side

This feeling cannot be shaken or rubbed
For it is there to stay
It shall stay untouched
Until I find a way to get rid of it
To shed this layer of dead skin

I find nothing
And so it houses itself onto my skin
Unseen to another human's eyes but my own
Untouched by another human's hands but mine
Condemned to stay on my skin
My insides feel cold, dark....and broken

Almost suddenly, something within me awakens
This light, as so called, is dimly lit, but can be seen
It glows faintly, almost out, like a candle that has burned it's wax
But it is no ordinary light, it shines blue!
Something I have never seen before
I want to make it brighter

It seems so pure, agile
So delicate, yet so powerful
As these thoughts race through my mind it gets brighter
But, only gradually
It needs to be awakened
It needs to be fueled
It needs.....me

For this small flame is hope
Something that has been there and now aiding me in my darkest hour
It is a tiny blue aura that burns with that of truth
A small incandescent life of purity and love
As my thoughts flutter it grows lighter
I've been hoping for someone else to come save me
When it is only me who knows what I need to do to move on
It is me who can clear a path for myself and follow it

As it burns, something peels away
As it grows brighter, something falls
As it shines, something breaks
This dead skin that I have carried on me for the longest is now disappearing
It is now flaking, now breaking
It's falling

This dead skin that has been there is now leaving me
And I am to blame
It is me who is to honor this victory
To feel free
I am the one who has broken through to have another chance
And never fall back into that depression

This light illuminates me from the inside out
Uncovering the very darkest parts of my body
And showing them the light
To see another day
To be given the chance to cast away all burdens

I have chosen this light to be my shoulder
My comfort
My very being
My very reason for living

I am giving myself the chance to see myself for who I really am
To give myself the potential to move on and not look back
To finally hold my head high

I did this for myself
Without the help of others

I did it. I made it through.....