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My parents named me: Nika Arkichna Vereshchagin
But I respond to: Rascheska, Coat, Gaijin, Foreigner.
I was born in: Novorossiysk, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.
I'm still this young: 29
I appear to be: Maybe 24...25, on a good day.
I was born on this day: 03/30
Beauty at it's finest: 53.07 kg; 175.26 cm
My eyes reflect: Brown
You may say my skin is: Bronzed

  • Beretta 92FS x 1 (32 round magazine)
  • 1 - 9 x 19mm Parabellum box magazine (32 round clip)
  • 6 x 5 cartridge 12.7mm round boxes
  • Revival Shot x 3
  • Usually a pack of cigarettes (brand varies, but whatever is easy to carry and "tastes good". )
  • Empty mason jar x 2
  • 1 x travel size kleenex pack
  • Rubber band x 5
  • Boot knife x 1

Signature Weapon: Stock KSVK 12.7mm anti-materiel rifle; stored within a dull vermilion colored capsule.

I live in: Mihashi Housing District.....for now.
I work at: being an open-minded gun for hire. (Mercenary)
I waste my time on: burning my skin staring through my scope, buying aspirin and burn lotion, wondering if this is what being a vampire feels like. Other hobbies include perusing undergarment stores, loitering unnecessarily at public places, and occasionally working.
I am: Heterosexual
On the surface: Aloof, spooky, business-like. Keeping it well within the confines of "casual", Nika doesn't talk too much, doing most of that either on the job or in getting details for said job (s). Appears to care very little for her appearance, and almost always has a cigarette in her mouth, lit or unlit. This appears to be an unconscious habit, and occasionally "types" words said with her tongue on teeth, and chewing nervously on her tongue.
But deep down: People have learned not to trifle with Nika over time. Even in the short amount of time spent in Rokario city, citizens, police officers, and even gang members usually give this ill-tempered and generally bitter Russian the small space she "requests". Like that one neighbor everyone has that keeps everything that comes onto their space and threatens anyone that encroaches, Nika is that neighbor. It stems back to Novorossiysk, her birth city, where as an eight-year old girl, she would have things taken from her. Taken solely because they could be taken from her and because they were "worth more". Living in a sea port, she got that a lot. The only things that were never actually stolen from her were the clothes on her back. Nika is used to having things taken from her, and in return, that pent up frustration has led her to the path of "if you won't give them back when I ask, I'll take it back from your corpse." Of course, some her virginity, could not be taken back. So it was about a year and a half after being raped in her school that the then sixteen year old took up firearms for the first time and began training. She knew that direct confrontation never ended in her favor, and while she might watch them go with an ugly "smile" on her face, it would be her bullets that would ultimately express herself towards those that opposed her way of life. But not just any bullets, no. They had to mean something. These were not rounds that you could shrug off with enough training or discipline. These had to be of the caliber that you took and went down with, that you lost limbs because of....watched them fly off from your body. That's the short version.

The longer version of her story begins in her home town, twenty-nine years ago. Born the eldest of six children, Nika grew up closer to her mother than she did her father. Her estranged next younger sibling left home early, and the next two attended medical school farther away than let them travel to see their parents freely. The remaining two siblings remain at home, where one is similar to Nika in many ways, but lacks the tolerance Nika has. Her youngest sibling often spends more time away from home with friends than he does doing his work. In a conversation with their mother over the phone, the former recalls the latter's wistful lament that she will see no grandchildren. While that could have been seen as a shot towards her, Nika took instead to at least visit and take care of her parents as they aged. After her incident at the age of fourteen, Nika ditched school and took up the occupation of delinquent, shooting rubber bands and later, rocks, at anything that looked like it moved. It is a time that she now wishes she could forget, as she spent most of her time in naught but overalls, bandaids, and sandals. Like a punk, she would run through town and usually cause trouble, albeit just mischief and nothing serious.

This continued for the next decade, or nearly so. Her parents finally intervened and chose a career for her. They sent her to a military academy for both education and to teach her discipline while they would take care of her young child. Naturally, she was furious. Within the first year, she had gone missing from the academy, and banded up with what were effectively marine based mercenaries that did all kinds of odd jobs. As she wrote her mother about a year or two after her "desertion", the academy was trying to teach her how to be independent of one's parents, to the point of being able to shoot them if necessary. "Brainwashing" was what she called it. She'd written that she would keep in touch, but never reveal where she was, and only sign her letters with their family name "Vereshchagin". She would also write to her child, to whom she wrote of how bad of a person she herself was and that she should grow up to be better than her mother. While she never asked to nor named the child, she had taken to calling her "little flower"

This means of living by pay from job to job worked long as she lived alone and everyone else managed their own finances. She had grown fond of a company she'd spent most of her mercenary career with, and the five person group enjoyed much success. However, shortly after her twenty eighth birthday, the job they were sent upon resulted in disaster, and two of their comrades were needlessly killed. Suspecting foul play, the remainder of the group cast lots for gear and split up, running silent and to speak. Running under the radar with almost no communication, Nika would eventually learn of another teammate's death, followed immediately by her spotter's death. The two of them had survived that incident simply by being unnoticeable at the time. Now the only surviving member of the mercenary band "Red Spot Company", Nika's survival came about through sheer distance and immediate departure. Having inherited the team's larger stock of plastic explosives, she planted them around the apartment complex she was staying in, quickly took anything that would have identified it as a residence, and got out of range before detonating the explosives. Covering her tracks in a fireball and flying debris, the sniper of the group moved to depart via hotwiring a sailing vessel and remaining under the radar for almost a year by remaining adrift on the ocean. This was truly broken only by her arrival and settling in in Rokario City. Crime was bad, the people were bad, but there were almost "blood" ties that made it seem like if you ticked one person off, you aggravated an entire section of the city. Hiding out here would be easy, and since the ship sank after being intentionally scuttled, her arrival could and would not be noticed by any officials.

Effectively an illegal immigrant now, Nika celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday just a couple of months ago, and settled into her first apartment. Many things remain on her mind even now, but they seemed very inappropriate. As her hunters would have only been able to learn her codename....Nika was free to use her own name in this city. The RSC never knew each other's actual names, and referred to each other by a picked code name. So as far as her trackers were aware of, "Rascheska" was either dead or still at large somewhere in the vast world. Still, she exercised caution, and has spent most of her time changing her appearance...including gaining a very bronzed look and gradually dying her hair brown or black. It has proven....resilient thus far.

It is also here that Nika would first meet her child, fifteen years later. Understandably, the child hates her. As her daughter explained, her presence in Rokario City is intentional. She went on to state that the very people that hunted Nika for two years were the same ones to help her locate her parent, and that they knew exactly where she was. It is understandable that one could see this child only as an "anchor", but until her child reached legal age, she would not be persecuted. It was depressing to learn she had but two years to live in peace, but knew that this would have been the only way her daughter would have found her. When she asked her child why she was being targeted, the girl offered only a shrug, and almost apathetically went back to her internet. With no solution, and now a time limit remaining on her life, Nika moved to make contact with the organization she last knew that the RSC had worked with. In a bid to secure some kind of future for herself and the child, the phone call conversation would lead her to being contracted as an extension of the organization. It turned out that they were being eliminated by another mercenary company, responding to a hit her company had made on one of their clients. It hurt, knowing she would now be working for the enemy, and potentially have no control over whom she targeted, but the following weekend, Nika spent her time at an undisclosed location, outshooting her competition. Her new superiors noted her ability, and stated that she would be forgiven, so long as her allegiance remained with them, and that she work with the police force as an independent contractor in the city. He went on to state that, while she herself was of age...she was a bit old to be a fresh recruit. If her daughter could be taught, she too would have the extensive protection of Tarantula Bombistin, a company known for taking care of their own. The flip side to it, was that if she declined, she'd be dead within the hour, and her daughter made to forcibly join. This was reinforced by one such squad showing up and placing guns to her head. Reluctantly, the woman resigned herself to this fate, and accepted the offer. Now with a death threat off of her and a child's future secure, all she had to do was live with herself for betraying her comrades.

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My voice is played by: Lisa Ann Beley - Black Lagoon
I prefer this color of ink: Tan
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