Everyone came and yet I couldn't find the words to say.
Now I am alone.
Continuously winding down this path of mine.
I may have chosen it, but now it has cursed me.
Oh how fate plays tricks upon us all.
It is only at the end of life do we truly see what fools we have been.
Either my time is coming to an end or the fates are just blessing me with insight.
How foolish have I become?
Or rather a better question might be, how foolish have I always been?
Maybe it is just because I am tired at the moment.
I grow tired of so many things.
Yet I linger something I cannot seem to let go of.
Something I cannot comprehend is keeping me here.
A fantasy.
A dream.
A hope.
A light in the thick fog of my mind.
I hold this light dearly.
It's the only thing bright enough to light my path without blinding me in the process.
And yet I know this light isn't mine.
I cannot hold this light to my chest forever.
As much as it pains me to know this fact.
I foolishly believe this light is mine, and mine alone.
Yet at times like this I realize my this cannot be true.
I lay in this darkness hoping this light will last forever.
All things must end.
This is another fact I know.
One day I will have to drop my light.
I will have to leave it behind never to return.
Maybe even the true owner of my precious light will surface.
My light could shine so bright.
I'll continue to lay in this mist.
In the shadows, and in the pits.
All in the encompassing darkness.
I shall never forget this light.
When I close my eyes I will dream of it.
As I am slowly swallowed in the darkness.