The next time Hikaru opened his eyes, it was to Kaoru leaning over him. Kaoru sat back on his knees, eating some strawberries. "Good morning."
Hikaru sat up groggily, rubbing his eye. "What are you doing...?"
"I was hungry." Kaoru held his hand out, offering his brother some strawberries.
Hikaru took one, eating it slowly, still half asleep. "Mmm... Can I share them with you again?" Hikaru turned to look at Kaoru.
"Aren't we sharing right now?" He blinked and continued eating.
"No... Like last night." Hikaru placed a strawberry between his lips and moved in closer. "Oh..." Kaoru blushed, closing the distance between them, tearing the strawberry in half between their lips. Hikaru pushed his tongue into the other's mouth, swapping their pieces of the strawberry. Hikaru pulled back smiling as he chewed. Kaoru leaned back on his hands and watched him. "Oh you got juice on your chin, Kaoru..." Hikaru leaned back in. "Ah.. Where?" Kaoru reached his hand up to his face. Before he could wipe it away, Hikaru licked it off. "Hikaru..." He blushed more.
He sighed, looking to the side. "So, what do you want to do today?" He turned his gaze back to Hikaru. Hikaru quickly closed the distance between them again, kissing him aggressively. Kaoru wrapped his arms around his twin's back, pulling them chest to chest. After a few moments. Kaoru pulled back, gasping for air.
Hikaru placed his hand on the back of his brother's hair. "First things first..." He leaned his forehead against the other's, smiling.