They.... found me.... again.... emotion_facepalm

In the last two places we've lived, Jahovah's witnesses have come to to door to preach. Different people each time, but still, its weird. Each time this happens the people that are there are polite, but I rather liked the ones this time around. I asked them quesitons and they replied, I countered what they said and they replied by explaining their beliefs using modern day hypothetical situations. I enjoy getting insight into other people's beliefs, so i don't mind listening to them all that much. Its just weird that no matter where I go, they find me. A believer might say "its a sign" to which I'd respond "bullsh*t." Of what little I actually know about the Jahovah's witnessess, I do know that going around spreading their beliefs is one of the things they do. I really wish they'd be rude so that I could say "get the f*ck off my poarch before I call the cops on you for trespassing", but they are polite. When people are polite, I tend to behave the same way. I can't help it. I don't even have the back bone to send them away in a nice way. I am weak sad

Other than the Jahovah's witnessess (what exactly are they witnesses of anyway?), my week has been uneventful. I heard about microshitoft reversing their decision about the connect to the internet every 24 hours thing, and no used games stuff that many people objected to. It may have been last week or this week, I can't remember. Either way, it is wonderful news. Won't convince me to buy the damn thing though. They partnered with EA, tried to force DRM crap on people and when people objected, they blamed those people for speaking their minds. That is wrong on so many levels. I will now try to avoid products that microsoft sells. They are a bad company that needs to die in a firey crash which explodes just before getting sucked into a black hole never to be heard from again.

That thread that I spoke of last week is still going. The tension is dieing down. And the fellow who started it seems to have hit a point where he might try to actually not be a hypocrite when he posts. We'll see how things go. I do hope he actually keeps to what he says. We might get to actually discussing something more if he does that.

Speaking of the forums (indirrectly), I was thinking of asking for help in organising things in writing. More specifically, the things that go into fictional characters, worlds, objects, societies, and species (for fantasy and sci-fi). I both want to do it, and yet don't want to. Usually when I post in the writer's forum I don't phrase things well. If I do it again, it would end up like the other thread I started there: useless arguing. On the extended discussion forums I think I have been doing better as far as typing out what I mean to say, but I could still mess it up in the writer's forum. They are sticklers for writing things properly. I need to better organise things I'm working on, and I can't do it alone, because I get obsessive about it. Perhaps if I write out what I want to say in draft format on a word program then post it on the forum? Yeah, I'll try that. Hopefully it goes well.