The fact that most men are wired to want to ******** everything that has a v****a. When for most women sex is an emotional situation in which we use to express a deep love for these wretched men.

It’s pretty sad when you can’t remember important things from the beginning of your relationship that only started four months ago. To be honest I find myself becoming more forgetful everyday. I feel like this isn’t suppose to be happening to me at such a young age. My mother always said the women in our family always hit a crazy phase young in their life.

This current relationship I absolutely love and hate. The fact that he actually cares deeply for me. And the fact that he chooses to be an idiot for fun. But he is infact a philosopher always relating meaningless things into a big concept of life. He writes poems of sorrow and despair. And always trys giving this a positive outlook. Oppose to I , where I tend to be unhappy and sulking constantly, feeling rage arise in very small situations.