Wow Gaia hasn't changed since I left years ago. Life is so different now looking back through these pathetic journal entries and old pms. I'm an adult now, like job, rent, and all. I live with my wonderful, nerd enabling, too intelligent for words boyfriend of 2 and a half years. Marriage is actually becoming a relevant thing in my life for money and insurance reasons, and love too! I am a bomb ass preschool teacher with crazy but awesome kids, not the dream I planned but so rewarding. I have a second nephew now! And my sister is still a raging b*tch!
I've learned a lot growing up. I still have emotional issues but daily I learn where they stem from. I was a good person who did horrible things, now I'm a good person trying to fix those horrible things to be a good person who does good things. It's hard to do sometimes when people don't trust the good and make you a villain. Some have forgiven some are burned some are just horrible who create worse. Thankfully I have Adam by my side to pick me up when I am down and lost.
I apologize for rambling, adulthood has given me a lo to reflect on with no where else but here to express it. Till next time... Probably in years.