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a bunch of bullshit written by a bullshit teenager with a bullshit hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
Castle (aka IDK this is unedited as s**t)
The boggy water comes up to your thighs, green muck clinging to your clothing as you trudge on. You've been searching for what seems like hours, the map that you have deemed useless clutched tightly into your hand. A small part of you hopes someone back home is worried about you, but a bitter voice in your head jeers that it's probably impossible. They all hate you, after all. They're probably celebrating your current disappearance.

You push away the bitter thought as you wipe the sweat from your brow, pausing for a moment to rest your aching legs. Walking through a swamp is one of the hardest things you've done, and you make a note to remind yourself to never do this again.

When you look up from staring at the water surrounding your thighs, you are so shocked you drop your map. It lands in a 'plop' in the murky water, floating away unnoticed as your shocked eyes focus on the castle in front of you.

What the hell was that doing there?

Adrenaline refreshes your body as you excitedly trudge through, water a light green around you as your arms reach out in desperation. The water begins to drain away as your feet touch ground that slowly begins more solid. You resist the urge to whoop, not bothering to fling the dead plantlife clinging on your legs as you stumble forth.

The castle looks oddly mantained through the thin greenery that decorates it, and for a moment your breath is taken away by it's grand beauty. You do not even pause to hesitate when you enter through the broken gate, already mentally planning what to do in this course of events.

Your boots hit stone as you enter the place, and you shiver slightly at the sudden cool air that hits you. You go on a search for a dry room, ignoring the grand staircase in exchange for going deeper on the first floor. You find a small room to the side, and the rusted metal plate still nailed on the doorway informs you that you are entering the remenants of a music room. What you find is not the remains of a grand piano encased in dust. You pause in shock, and the words rip through your throat before you have the chance to take them back.

"Who are you?"

The room before you is completely clean, emptied away except for a chair perched next to the window. Sitting on this chair in perhaps the most regal manner you can ever imagine is a rather wealthy looking young man, who turns his head to flutter his eyes at you in confusion. You are suddenly aware of how disgusting you look.

The man offers a rather hollow smile in what you expect was once filled with warmth. "I am a prince." He says rather graciously, spreading his arms to the remains of the castle. "This is my castle." You are surprised to find that he does not look at all offended by your rude question. Instead, you feel the need to apologize profusely and act upon this urge. He simply laughs at you, shaking golden locks of hair. "Oh, please do not worry, friend. Who are you?"

You pause for a moment, glancing down at the boots on your feet. "My name is--" The prince stops you, shaking his head for a moment. Your mouth closes rather obediently, and you shoot him a rather confused look.

"No no no." The prince begins, a small smile on his face. "I asked who you were, my friend." You can't help but become a bit flustered at the warm tone he uses when he says 'friend'; you barely know this man and yet he already seems certain you are a good person.

"I am..." You begin, and wonder for a moment what to say. The prince smiles at you, looking upon you with an infinite patience. Not wanting to waste his time any longer, you answer quickly. "I am an adventurer."

He laughs, brilliant blue eyes glancing once at your legs before he looks up to give you another small smile. "I expected as much." You cannot help but blush, embarassed beyond your wits for whatever reason. You were never good with people, but this is certainly something else.

There is a small silence for a moment that doesn't seem to unnerve the prince at all. In fact he smiles wider, spreading a hand out to you. "Perhaps you would like a seat?" He motions to a chair across from him, and you jerk in surprise. You swore that wasn't there before.

You join him anyways, unnsure what else to do in this situation. You try to sit as politely as you can, looking rather meek with your hands folded into your lap. The prince shoots you a rather amused look, raising a delicate hand to cover what you think is a silent chuckle. Your cheeks burn even further.

"So, Adventurer, might you tell me about yourself? I am quite curious. I must confess that I do not spend a lot of time outside of my castle, so people like you fascinate me quite a lot." The prince pauses for a moment, and you haven't opened your mouth yet because you expect him to say something else. He does, mouth curving once more in a small smile. "But I do not want to hear about your adventures, Adventurer. I hope that does not disappoint you. I imagine adventurers are always eager to tell a heart-thumping tale or two. No, I want to learn about you."

He whispers the word in an incredibly intimate manner, voice low enough that it sends a jolt up your spine. What the hell are you doing? A voice hisses in your ear, embarassed by your own awkwardness. You clear your throat, tilting your head down to frown at your hands. "I'm afraid I'm not a quite a happy person, Prince..." You warn, but he simply tucks a fist underneath his chin in curiosity. You cannot help but smile -- albeit wobbly -- at that, and before you know it you have began to describe yourself.

As you had warned before, your tale is not a happy one. You describe to him of a little sister that gives into disease and a mother shocked by the loss of a precious child. You tell him of a father who doesn't approve of the job you have taken, a man who turns you away. The prince listens with a sympathetic frown, and before you know it you have talked until the sun is well on it's way across the sky.

You pause, glancing outside the window with horror and standing up abruptly. "Oh no! How will I get home now?" You exclaim, eyebrows furrowing in worry as you lean out the window to look at the orange colored sky. You whip around to face the prince, who is giving you a curious look. "I-I'm incredibly sorry for wasting your time, but I really must go--"

The prince shakes his head once more, silencing you effectively. He smiles a bit, but this time there is something eerie about it. This time his smile spreads across his face until he is grinning sharply, mouth full of teeth that belong to no human. You glance down in horror to find a sharp nailed hand gripping your wrist tightly.

"After I had to listen to you whine for ******** hours? Like s**t you're going home, human." The prince hisses, standing up as he begins to grow larger. You glance down at the hand holding your wrist in horror, watching it grow into something more as it snaps your wrist. You fall to your knees at the sudden shock of pain, the sound of air being sucked into your throat barely audible. "Selfishness is a sin, you know."

The prince cackles, his jaw practically cracking off as his mouth grows larger, larger. You are too afraid to even say anything more, absolutely horrified to say anything more. A soundless scream releases itself from your throat as the prince rips your arm off your body, the sound of muscle tearing loud in your ears as your joint is ripped away.

Suddenly there is a sound and a crack of a skull that is not your own, and you are relieved to find a man dressed in white standing over the corpse of the False Prince. He scoffs, turning to you as you crumple on the floor. "That disgusting scum." The man mutters, and it barely registers in your head that he is stepping towards you.

"Who does he think he his, thinking he can take my dinner like that?"

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