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UsUk One shots A UsUk stories for Hetalia fans! Warning Yaoi no flames or hate comments since I did warn you! :P

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WW11 UsUk warning Nazism
-/WARNING/ This is a WW11 oneshot! Contains Nazisim, curssing, bad grammar, UsUk, Nazi!Germany, yaoi! If you don't like any of these things then do not read this!! Thank you!-

"Your crazy...I-If you believe I would join your cause /Karut!!/" England growled hatefully at his unwanted guest in his house. The sirens were going off and almost all of his people were in bomb shelters beside himself. There was no need for him to hide, he could feel everything that happened to his country, his city of London that used to stand tall and hard. Once the bombs started falling his city fell apart, the Nazi's hit to quick and to fast for his royal air force or his own country’s army to react. Now they were being hit almost every night because of Germanys cause, to build to most powerful empire in Europe and the rest of the world.

Germany grinned cheekily but deadly seeing his enemy so weak in front of him. England was covered in wounds from top to bottom. The worst ones were his right shoulder and his left leg. The other wounds were many bruises, cuts, scraps and mostly burns. Germany knew the former British Empire could not stand much longer. "Vell England, are you sure you vish to continue putting your peoples lives in danger all because of your pride? You're unvillingness to stand down? All of their deaths vill be on your shoulders England, all of them. So just save your self nov and your people, give in, accept my offer and rule beside me! We could be the most powerful country’s to rule this world!! The might of the British Empire combined with the new and improved German Empire!"

Arthur chocked out a few raspy laughs. His throat was sore from not drinking or eating anything in ages thanks to him being so weak. "Combine our empires? Are you mad?! I learned a long time ago ruling was not the most important thing in the world!! Germany if you keep this up your going to learn this the very hard way. I will again say no to your proposal I will /NOT/ join your cause! My people and I will defeat you! You will never win this war!" Arthur glared at him for only a second before he fell to his knees gripping his chest felling the bombs doing a lot of damage on London making his state even weaker now.

Germany kneeled down to England’s height grinning more sadistic seeing the other in so much pain from what, he the mighty Germany was doing! This sent a rush of cockiness and pride through out him. "Your getting so much weaker England so much! You can't stand to hold out much longer! Just give in you can not and will not ever defeat me and my Nazi power!" He then grabbed England neck picking himself up and England by his neck and slamming him into a wall, this erupted a coughing and struggling fit from the shorter of the two men trying to get free. "You knov England, I could just capture you right here, right nov and vin your country~ But sadly that is vay to easy. Ill just keep coming at you until you give up vitch vill be very very soon~"

England coughed and struggled in the German's grip trying to get away and get the much-needed air back into his lungs. "Y-you will not win! You have to break our fighting sprit first kaurt!" He gasped and wheezed unable to breath right.

Germany grinned more seeing him struggle for air and debated on to let him go and take England with him. He was about to throw England on the ground harshly when someone behind him smash something in the back of his head and sent him flying and landing on the ground dropping England while he tried to get the pain from the back of his head to dull down.

"England can you here me?!?" The stranger cried out pulling England close to his chest looking him over. England groaned looking up to the stranger. His dull emerald orbs widen seeing it was America right they’re, in flesh and blood holding him and saved him from Germany. "A-America...what are you doing here? Didn't your leader s-said you would not fight in this war?"

"HAHA change of plans dude, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and that brought us into the war! B-But I had to come here and make sure you were alright.... I won't let you die England, Hero’s don't let the people they love die!" America softly sat England down just as Germany was getting up. He and Germany locked eyes and started fighting each other with England sitting up and watching them nervous and scared written all over his face. After a while of fighting Germany jumped out a window and ran off hearing the American forces were pushing his own back greatly in hopes of protecting England.

When Germany was gone America quickly went back to England and checked over his wounds looking upset and a little sick seeing what the older nation had to go through for so many nights. America then carried England to his bed and laid him down tending to the worst wounds. England just laid their speechless watching America, he then began to think on what he said, 'Hero's don't let the people they love die'. "A-America.." He barley whispered but enough so the larger could hear him. "D-Do you actually love me?"

When America heard that question he froze in what he was doing and began to think on this. Do he truly love England? More then a friend? Could England ever love him back from what happened in the Rev. war? He then looked into England’s dull eyes and gave him one of his heroic smiled and then he leaned down planting a soft kiss to England lips. "Yes England, I do love you, I only hope you return the same feelings I hold for you."

England could only blush brightly as the kiss he was given. He was shocked at first back after a few seconds he weakly kissed back to show it wasn't rejection. When America pulled away and said that he did love England he let a rare true smile onto his face his dull emerald orbs lighting up a bit. "A-America. I-I love you. I love you so god damn much" He smiled more placing a hand on Americas feeling America turned his hand over and gently grasped England’s smaller hand in Americas larger one giving it light squeezes to show he was happy. England looked up to America again and gave a bigger but weak smile. "America, you are a true Hero." With that comment America smiled the happiest he ever had, he just heard England call him a hero! With that he went back to work on tending to England's wounds wanting him to get better quick.


After that night America saved England from Germany's grasp, he never left England's side. He held him close during the bombing attacks, that had gotten shorter thanks to America's help. He wiped away his tears of pain, he toke care of England's wounds and needs such as food and drink. He honestly never left England even when the war was finally over, he stayed their helping him get over the pain, losing his people he even helped rebuild his city when the time came. He never left England's side again he was always there for him no matter what.

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