Not that any one actually intends on reading this journal, I'm going to rant anyhow.

So this life tends to be quite wretched, I've always been a happy child. . . Even when being verbally and physically abused by my older brother, Until I turned twelve I remained happy. Realizing I was ignorant and that this was nothing to be so peachy about. From my younger years as a child I've grown to be a person who has developed separation anxiety , claustrophobia , and depression. I've also developed a bipolar disability which is uncontrollable at times.

In my younger years I used to listen to rap and all that other s**t. I started noticing it was all the same. Big booty hoes , money and other retarded stuff that means nothing. That is not music. Music is something that makes you feel emotionally. Something that raises goose bumps , something that makes you feel alright or a tool to cope with anger. random but I just wanted to get that out there.