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UsUk One shots A UsUk stories for Hetalia fans! Warning Yaoi no flames or hate comments since I did warn you! :P

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UsUk [t-rated mention of Death and Flordia ;)]
"White, All I can see is White. Everything was White"

Alfred jumped up from the ground. He had somewhat of a nightmare. Everything was white everything was so clean. He looked around, hell everything is white!!!! Alfred quickly looked around afraid of where he was. That's when something smacked him straight in the face. Oh, look a burger!!! Alfred was about to grab the burger when a book was thrown and hit him upside then head. He landed back on the ground looking up. He then saw a mzn with short choppy sandy blonde hair look down at him. Wait....wait he has wings?!?!? Alfred jumped up again but then he notcied, he had wings as well. Everything is white, because he was in heaven. walked over to the shorter Angel eyeing him. He was beautiful, his shaggy hair, those bright green eyes and those eyebrows!!! Man those were huge but very attractive! Alfred smiled to the other about to say something.

The smaller Angel Arthur, wrapped Alfred's mouth in ducktape and laughed. "I've always wanted to do that to you!!!"

Alfred glared and tried to rip the tape off not very happy about that. He kept trying then finally he got it off still glaring at the other. "Arthur I should have known it was you"

Arthur laughed again and then smiled softly. "Welcome to heaven Alfred, welcome"

Alfred blushed softly but smiled and opened his much bigger wings. Then he looked down and notcied, he was naked. Alfred quickly covered his pericous Flordia with his wings.

Arthur laughed more and handing him some white clothes. They weren't like the dress Arthur was wearing which Alfred thought was very good he was not going to wear a dress that so perfectly matched Arthur long slender leg-, Alfred slapped him self and quickly got the clothes on he was not going to fall for Arthur! At least not that easy!!

Arthur grinned lightly and opened the door to Alfreds room allowing Tony, Alfred's alien friend to walk in and hug Alfred. He had tiny Angel wings as well that was the only differance between the grey thing.

"Tony!!! Dude your alright!!!" Alfred hugged the alien tightly happy to have his friend back that made him not worried anymore about him. He then looked to Arthur and questioned him about what happened to them just buy giving a soft look to Arthur's eyes.

"......It was time for the Earth to die Alfred. We died just like the Dinosuars. A meteorite came down and hit the Eearthu quickly changing it's climate all over on every country we all died. The other countrys are in separte rooms. At least we're all here, alive as Angels we here Alfred we have a second chance to live in heaven." Arthur softly hugged Alfred and smiled happy that Alfred was alive and not down in Hell and up there in Heavean where he was so they could be together forever again like on Earth.

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