i really don't understand the motive of drinking.
it doesnt taste good at all
sure you have a "good time"
but you don't remember ANYTHING that happened so what's the point.

like i guess it relaxes you and you can pretend youre drunk so you have the
social acceptance to do anything that might be embarrassing.

but you get hungover and puke everywhere and then youre just like,
it's so dumb. I really don't understand. that's why i really don't enjoy it when
he does it. "it's fun", okay, but do you remember anything that happened? yeah
didn't think so. what you do remember is drinking and then waking up the next
morning and remembering the throbbing headache you get and the color of your
crusty puke on the floor from last night and the one you made that morning, missing
the toilet completely. it's really stupid. i really hope i'm miserable or angry
when i'm drunk.