This character was made to accompany one of my boyfriend's characters originally, but is now coming into her own light to be placed in a campaign. Finally. Lucinda is a chaotic good human with levels in bard and rogue from a small port town in the northeastern part of the world.

While Lucinda was very young, her parents abandoned her in front of a church of Desna with no word of good bye. The clerics inside found her and took her in, raising her to be brave and altruistic. She grew up happily, not even thinking of any other way to live. She aged gracefully, learning to dance for coin when she needed it for survival. After getting into her early twenties, Lucinda began actively seeking out anything stolen from her church and nicking it before escaping and returning the item in question.

Though she is flirty and quick witted, Lucinda is wise about holding her tongue when necessary.

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