Aine is about my second character really in DnD. I made her for a high level campaign. Through her long life, she is probably sitting at about a level 34 or 35 with a 1 lvl template for her being a Creature of Lust.

Aine was born to a poor lone mother, six years after her sister hermaphroditic Branwen. Both girls were products of their mother being raped by an incubus. The small family lived in a forested village in Nirmathas in the Inner Sea area of Golarion. Aine doesn't remember much about her mother, seeing as she was four, she walked in to find her mother dead from hanging herself by a rafter, blood dripping from between her legs. Something scrawled about nightmares on the walls and the sheets were stained, covering a small heap of what looked to be a fetus. Branwen cared for her sister and herself from the age of ten to the age of twenty, Aine being fourteen, when the older sister felt Aine was old enough to function in the world. Along the way of her life with her sister, she grained a familiar, a baby red dragon which she named Bartholomew. He aged very slowly and she treated him like her own child.

Though she was taught to survive, Aine began a cushy life of being a courtesan while she learned to wrap men around her finger. Unfortunately, one thing Aine wasn't taught was how to read or write aside from numbers. For her customers in lower social classes, Aine carried a book with her, filled with pictures and prices of various things they requested. She worked her way up through different men of varying social standing, finally discovering Rissingram, a half umbral dragon with the only equipment to fully sate her appetite. Quickly she settled down with him, though he allowed her to continue her business, seeing as he was a wizard specializing in blue magic and he was able to make coin off the clients as well. After he taught her more of the world and how to read and write, the two eventually began having children, a boy and two girls, who grew up to have their own as well.

Appearance Being a witch she prides herself in her floor length pure white hair. Her eyes are heterochromatic, the left being red and the right being gold. She doesn't care much for clothing or shoes, but her husband requires her to wear them in public. When she must wear clothing, she chooses to wear furs and silks.

Her measurements are:
-Bust: 47"
-Waist: 32"
-Hip: 39"

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