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Zexal Dueling School This is about a boy who got hacked and is trying to fit in once again but on a different crazy adventure

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ANNOUNCER JEFF: HELLO EVERYONE...when we last left off...Tekusen defeated Ikiya the 2nd ranked duelist in Tungo City, and now we are onto the next round of the fish lover Hitoro vs the rich boy Mechiro, lets watch!! well read actually... sweatdrop

(we bring to Tekusen, Rorak, Millina, and Shira eating at a table)

SHIRA (eating fries) big bwudder (points to the stage) there announcing the next round.

TEKUSEN: (looks) hmm i really hope hitoro wins...that Mechiro is a bully

RORAK: Yeah him and his dark world monsters are a real pain.

TEKUSEN: wait you know what his deck is about?

RORAK: yeah it happened 3 months ago at class, the teacher left for 5 minutes and him and his buddies locked the door and started taking other students rare cards...i challanged him to a duel to give them back and i lost...he took my deck and left and blamed me for the fight that went on.

TEKUSEN: (looking at rorak sighed and angry and looks at Mechiro)


MECHIRO: ha i draw (draws) hahaha and summon Zure, Knight of Dark World in attack mode (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1500) and i end my turn with a face down, your move fish boy.

HITORO: im not a fish boy and i draw (draws) haha i summon Atlantean marksman (ATK: 1400, DEF: 0) and i play the spall card double summon which allows me to normal summon again and i summon Atlantean Dragoons (ATK: 1800, DEF: 0) and im gonna have my marksman attack you directly because of my Dragoons's special ability now go my marksman, BULLSEYE SHOT!!!

MECHIRO: hahahaha your a fool to attack me, i activate mirror force which means all your monsters in attack mode are destroyed, hahahaha!!!

HITORO: grrrr i end my turn with a facedown your move!

MECHIRO: hehehe its over now, i play mystical space typhoon which destroys on spell/trap card and i destroy your face down, now i play hand destruction which means our whole hand goes to the grave yard and we draw the same amount of cards we threw in the grave, (looks at the new hand) hahahaha oh and i forgot i sent Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (ATK: 2300, DEF: 1400) to the grave because of a card effect, which means he comes onto the field, so skip the other cards, Goldd attack him directly!!

HITORO (1700) MECHIRO (4000)



HITORO: i lost, my friends i have failed you. (looks down)

MECHIRO: how weak you always think about your friends other than you, your pathetic, now hand over your rare card you promised.

(he is about to hand it over and it grows very silent until Tekusen raises up)

TEKUSEN (angry) HEY!!! Your just a huge bully, next is the finals you versus me, if i win you give me the cards you stole from thoses kids and the carsd you cheated to get to make other people feel bad!! scream

MECHIRO: hahaha such a dumb deal but fine, but if i win you give me your deck and you will never duel again. (looks at you with an evil stare) twisted

(Rorak, Millina, and Shira run up behind him)

RORAK: Are you insane Tekusen, its like committing suicide!

MILLINA: he is right teku you shouldnt bet someone like that!

SHIRA(walks up to Tekusen) big bwudder? (tugging his shirt) kick his buttand get those cards back.

TEKUSEN: (looks down at you and smirks) you got it sis (looks back at Mechiro) bring it on you snotty rich boy

MECHIRO: (steps forward) bring it rock boy

ANNOUNCER JEFF: WELL it seems there is a huge battle coming on but who will win, find out next time on YUGIOH GAIA!!!

The battle gets hasty after the first 3 turns but it dies down for one player, but who find out tomorrow

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