Chapter One

She looked up at the gloomy sky from her place atop an old run down building. She was cautious not to drop her multiple juggling balls as she did so. Her lengthy white tail swayed to the side as she thought of an idea for a new performance. Her mouth shot up into a toothy grin as her crazed mind sparked with ideas.
She became lost in one of her thoughts. Thus causing her to drop one of her juggling balls. She was snapped back to reality as it hit the ruins of an old house and exploded into a cloud of colorful smoke and glitter.
She placed her hands at her sides as the others followed. She clapped in amusement at the multicolored dust clouds as they were one of her performances.
The psychotic jester let out a crazed laugh as she attempted to catch the smoke. She stopped and frowned.
"It needs more work," She thought aloud to herself. She believed the world was apart of her act. Nothing was ever perfect. There were always improvements.
Her imagination never stopped generating ideas and improvements. She believed it to be more of a curse than a blessing. She failed to ever think straight about something else. Sometimes, it would anger her. At other times, it would only add to her madness.
The only time she didn't think of improvements was when she slept. Instead of ideas she would be haunted by memories. The memory that haunted her most was the accident.
The circus had stopped at her home town to perform. She had overheard that her birth parents would go to the show to watch her act. The memories of them giving her away to the circus had crossed her dreams that night. In the morning she woke up angry with them and decided what she had to do.
When it was her time to shine she did as she had planned. Her act started out as it usually would have. She road around on an unicycle juggling bowling pins. When she spotted her parents she jumped off and threw the pins down. She then grabbed her multicolored juggling balls and threw them at the crowd. Then she pulled out a box of matches and lit every last match. One-by-one she threw them, smiling as the tent burst into flames.
She was the only one to make it out safely. She had stood there watching her home burn. Once the flames had died down she looked around to make sure there were no survivors. When she was satisfied she gathered her things and began a new adventure in her life.
A year had passed since the accident. She never understood why it frightened her when it reoccurred in her dreams. She had planned to do it and then she had carried out the plan. She knew they deserved it.
After a long three hours of thought, the demon began to walk through out the ruins. It was beautiful in it's own depressing way. The eerie silence that hovered over it made the old town frighteningly calm and peaceful.

Chapter two

She had just finished getting ready for slumber when she heard movement. She could feel the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Out of instinct she readied two juggling balls.
"What are you going to do with those?" Asked a male voice. The male, now behind her, snatched the two weapons from her hand and slipped them back into her coat pocket.
She recognized this voice. She turned around to face him. He was tall demon with a strong build. She titled her head up and squinted her eyes in an attempt to see his eyes in the darkness of the night.
"Ansid, what is wrong with you!? You scared me," She said. She punched him in the shoulder angrily.
"Whoa there," He replied back, pretending to be in pain. "Don't kill me now Cerise, you need me." He was right, she did need him. He needed her too. They both wanted the same thing, a cure.
Ansid and Cerise were both the same yet, completely different. They were both demons, they both wanted a cure, they both needed each other. Unlike Cerise, Ansid's parents had kept him and tried to love him as though he were normal. As he grew older his parents became more and more frightened of him. Even as a child, he had been completely insane. One day he had over heard his parents talking about it. Blinded by anger and madness, Ansid had ended both of his parents' lives.
"Says who?" She yelled.
"You did, a while back," He whispered. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into a gentle hug. He began to stroke her hair as he attempted to calm her down.
Cerise was not surprised by the hug. He always hugged her when she yelled. She rested her head on his shoulder quietly. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.
Once Ansid was positive that she was asleep, he carefully set her down. He sat beside her protectively and stared at the starry night sky. They had been traveling with each other for at least one year......