Okay, I made a "Part 1" up there. It may be edited (the "Ver.1" wink to where there may not be a "Part 2", but at least it'll make sense to my "whatever-it-is-in-the-name-of-whatever-it-is"... I edited a previous post shortly before starting this with some massive rant/explanation for why I'm doing this. (6/29/13)

For now, I'm going to list just the names, because I'm still not in the mood for this. (I never am.) I'll get back to what I think of them, of course there will be a list of those I prefer, the mediocre and an "Avoid At All Costs" list, possibly others; seriously don't know how to list this properly. This will be only games defined as being "freeware"... Again, another reason for why I'm always incredibly pissy about this subject; please, for the love of ********, learn the ******** difference between the terms "freeware" and "free-to-play". I'm not listing some god damn Massively-Multiplayer-Online (MMO) game just because people don't know the damn difference. (This section might be removed and might get put somewhere else.)

The parts listed in parentheses are extra notes. The names of the games in their English, Kanji and/or Romaji counterparts are separated by slashes. If it's in Caps Lock, it's just how it's labeled; usually Japanese. It's how I list things, cause you know I look for these things like only Hawk Man could. I'll probably be moving some things around as well.

1. スーパーコスプレ大戦U / Super Cosplay War Ultra
2. Hero Core
3. GunGirl 2 --- One of the best 2D "Metroidvania" games. Play the first one after this one, just because it sucks.
4. Exception Conflict
5. Blue Wish Resurrection Plus
6. Eden's Aegis
7. Contlade
8. 魔導神器 / Madou Jingi
9. GigaDeep
10. WarMachine Overload
11. Psyche Metal: The Bleeding
12. Galshell
13. Hellbound
14. Zelda Classic (+ quests)
15. Knytt Stories (+ quests)
17. Rockman 7 FC
18. 洩矢の旅~I wanna be the God
19. Lyle in Cube Sector
20. BlankBlood --- The difficulty of this is ridiculous. This computer is incapable of running the game after picking up the map. It can be completed normally, which I've done twice, but I can't get 100% because of the map.
21. WispLisp - Array of List --- ******** ridiculous. Normal mode seems beyond impossible. Easy mode is a cake walk. I'm not playing hard...
22. Cave Story
23. 闇のルーミア / Yami no Rumia --- Kirby fan-game with Touhou characters. Kirby fan-games are rare, and it's actually decent, too.
24. 包丁少女幻窓曲 / Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku
25. 包丁少女幻窓曲: MEMORIES OF REPLICA / Houchou Shoujo Gensoukyoku: Memories Of Replica
26. MinishoterRS⊿ --- The little triangle is "Delta".

1. Pixel Force: Halo
2. Halo Zero
3. Theseus - Return of the Hero
4. グリーンアイランド / Green Island
5. Searchlight
6. Shmupacabra --- I saw it on Steam listed as free to download from the creator's site. I swear, the pseudo-experimental front these indie games do is moronic, and the game itself, even for being a failed danmaku attempt, is a pushover because of it.
7. Knytt
8. Hard Hat
9. Hard Hat 2
10. Hard Hat 3
11. Saintrooper
12. Nanosmiles
13. Monster Dungeon
14. Grounstream
15. FairyAttackers
16. Holdover
17. Jumper
18. Jumper Two
19. Jumper Three
20. Jumper Redux --- These are ridiculous in difficulty. Fair warning.
21. Yume Nikki
22. Iji
23. Ikachan
24. ジャバウォックの花嫁 / Jabberwock no Hanayome / Engage to Jabberwock --- It's a 2D, top-down, action adventure with a bullet hell/danmaku style. I'd like to also note that in Google Translate, it revealed the name as "Engaged to Jabberwock". It makes it more apparent as to what it means that way.

Below Average-
1. GunDude Game
2. I Wanna Be The Shrine Maiden 2
3. Babel
4. Saint Paulia
5. Spelunky
6. La Mulana

Get Away From Me- No seriously, go away.
1. GunDude Game
2. GunGirl
3. I Wanna Be The Guy --- I'm not basing this off of difficulty, just the buggy, crash riddled s**t-fest that it is. It's sad that the "fan-games" of this have better quality, GunDude Game included. I'm at the last boss on the medium difficulty, I can't beat it, because I don't have the patience to sit through that ******** cut-scene again, and it throws off my concentration. Can I skip it? I'm not bothering with searching for that answer.
4. Ereki Bard --- By extension, this may include everything else by its creator.

Looks epic/interesting, but can't or haven't played yet-
1. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion - Not complete, may lag.
2. Super Mario Fusion Revival - Not complete, may lag.
3. Rockman 8 FC - Not complete.
4. Mega Man Corrupted - Not complete.
5. CrackleCradle --- BlankBlood "sort-of" sequel. Lags too much.
6. Nightmare Sphere 0 --- I'm never quite sure how to write the title of this one. Lags too much.