Getting home was a relief, I almost wanted to cry from seeing my sweet loving caring mother in the yard, watering the plants.

"Hey girls how was your day?" my mother said as a bright smile adorn her face which made heart flutter from seeing it. Oh, hot lucky can one be to have a mother like my.

"Fine" my sister said, coming out the car with her bag on her shoulder and a bored look. She must be still upset that I didn't let her stay with her friends or told her to shut up. Either way, my car my rules.

"It's was okay, it got really busy but way better than nothing." I said as she smile than continued to water the plants. Me and my sister headed inside the house while both turn to head two ways. She her room to talk to her friends on her phone and little old me to the kitchen for food. I was starving and man did I need a painkiller.

I open the cabin, where the medicine was and took two pill for my headed. Just as I grab a glass of water to help me pass the pill down, my cellphone when on.

I took it out to see it was my friend Neal.

'Hello?" I answer

"Hey girl, how's my sexy mama doing?" Neal on the line said with his invented and farfetched way of talking.

"Hey, Neal" I smile.

Neal was my best friend since elementary school. He was the type person you could never get mad at and always can trust with anything. You can say he was my wing man or my accomplice with anything I needed.

"Hey, me and the gang are hanging out tonight at the creek, want to come?"

"I don't know, I was hoping to do some studying and then later lase around the house"

"Come on girl, you know the guys are expecting you and I already told them, your coming." Why did he have to that? I do want to hang but all I want to do is get some rest. I sigh as my voice sounded more tired than I did. "...Okay, I will be there in a few." then hang up before hearing anything more. I knew they where we're gonna meet at the bar we used to hang when we got out of high school. It became a usual place for us to hang, my friends seem to like it because the place other than having booze it had a rather nice homely place where we can chat about so many things in our life.

I continued preparing my lunch, a quesadilla with bell peppers and headed to the table to eat it. When I was done, I went of to my bed to get some sleep. Mom still on her garden. As I was in my room, my head on my pillow and thought running to mind, I thought about the many things that have gone thru my life.

I admitted my love life is none exciting but I felt so comfortable with it. I could never imagine myself with anyone, it was like I couldn't feel my heartbeat when supposedly you see the one is right for you. I didn't understand the definition of love or falling in love, it was so complex and so ridiculous no matter how much I thought about it. Just as I continued thinking, my eyes caught on to the book which was lying on the side of my desk. It was a book with thrills, adventure and mostly romance. Why did I ever buy it, hm...I'm not sure it was good the few chapters but then it annoyed me how the heroin was so in love with her sweetheart.

I admired that and respected it but I felt that devotion is so unreal, and only in the imagination of such romantic novel can exist.

Why do people go so far someone?

Maybe I'm the anti-romantic person.

Shaking the thought, I let my eyes to rest and headed to dreamland.

It was about seven, when the call came. My drowsiness and my anger from been awaken was about to burst from the call when I saw the number of who it was. Neil must be calling to say if I'm ready. I didn't pick up and send him a message saying I'm heading there with my usual signature face a neutral face.

I grab my stuff and headed to the bathroom to take a fast shower, in no time I was done and ready to go out. I left my house, saying goodbye to my mother and sister who wore in the living watching tv.

"Be careful." said my mom as she wave goodbye.

I went to my car and drove of, heading to the bar with no so much in hurry to get there.

When I got there, Neil and the others were there with two other girls I never met. My friends were mostly boys, I have friends girls but mostly it was male than female. The girls seem to be the type who like hard rock and punk, they wear thick eyeliner, painted highlight with unnatural colors, jeans which wore rip, one had a hoody and the other was uncovered with a simple blouse, and lastly there was a strange smell of smoke around them, It was that strong. I said hi to them which of course like every girl who hang with this guys, were on their phone and only smile.

At least they acknowledge me, not the rest who continued to text and be in their little world. The guys hug me and wave hello, like they never seen me for such long time which was just yesterday. They wore bunch of goofbals' l who enjoy causing mayhem and other crazy thing. "Why did it took you so long, I miss you love." said the oh so flirty Mark, hugging me tight. Mark was the type who likes to play with girls, he was notorious in high school to be a player and had some girls flunk around him. Which I could never see why was so interesting about this guy. He was a good-looking guy with most likeable eyes any girl could go crazy for and charming smile but he had his ups and down. Mark and I met in high school, our second year, I was present by Neil and was rather the awkward girl at that time.

"Mark, stop your suffocating her." Nick the timid know it of the pack. Nick was a very bright guy who enjoys to read then party like Mark and Neil. He and I met when I was heading to the library for some book for some project I was doing, and of course Neil was there to help. So you guys can imagine what happen next.

"Shut up nerd, can't you see I'm hugging my friend." I roll my eyes at Mark constant proclamation and positives. Nick glared at Mark guessing he didn't like been call. nerd. I push Mark away, before hearing anything else from those two and wave hello to Kyle who sat at the bar with beer on one hand the sulk face he always had. Kyle was the quiet type, he look to be trouble maker but he is such a softy and kind-hearted person you ever met. People who always meet him would always feel intimidated by his tall and dark look, which I won't denied I too felt like that when I met him. He smile at me and nodded, then went back to his drink.

So here is the gang I hang with, the most oddest couple friends you could ever see hanging with and I of course wouldn't want anything to be change.

We all sat down and start talking what we did today and so on. Neil sat next to me, while Mark sat on my left, Nick on his left and Kyle next to him and the other girl who sat next to her friend, who sat next to Neil very close.

So yeah, it was cicle table.

"Oh yeah, this is Angelina and her friend uh..." Neil spoke out, presenting his friend and forgetting the other one's name.

"Jen" said the broody girl, upset with Neil forgetfulness.

Typical Neil.

"Haha..yeah sorry." he apologize making few of us chuckle.

At first I thought they were with Mark, since he always had a girl with him but it seems Neil had one this time. The girl with the hoody seem to be very attach to him, she wouldn't leave Neil side and had this look in her eyes which seem to penetrate dislike towards me.

I didn't say anything, I didn't have to.

"Not my problem" I thought.

We all order a big pepperoni pizza and some chicken wings then few drinks. It was actually nice to eat out with them, and of course not paying. The atmosphere was great and everyone was getting along, well exception I was getting the stink eye every time Neil talk to me.

"Hey, who want's to play pool after pizza." Neil said while taking a big bite of his pizza. The man can eat more than his weight and can never get fat.

"Enemy of all people who can get fat" I thought, taking another bite of my pizza.

"I do" said Angelina who wasn't going to let go of Neil.

"Well isn't she clingy" I thought again, but I rather dismiss the idea out my head, don't want to be hated at the end.

"Sounds fun, why do you say, love." Mark said who put his arm over my shoulder trying to pull me to play with them.

I sigh knowing there was no way out of it.

"Alright but remember hands to yourself, Don't want to have an accident like last time, right." I stare at him reminded him about that time.

Last time we play, Mark was playing with me one on one while the other guys were watching who won. Mark was about to lose when he decide it to cheat. The damn jerk had to tickle me, making me hit him with the stick. I gotta say that was the most funniest thing that ever happen, but it seem it didn't go well for Mark. The girl who came with him was very upset and ended up leaving.

I'm not sure what happen next, I didn't hear anything about her after that happen and Mark didn't chase her.

I was kinda upset he didn't but Mark is that type of guy who didn't wanted to complicate his life with chasing out for girls, like he sometimes says.

"Then why are you dating them?" I thought in my head.

"Yeah, yeah I will protect my future children." he joke, pulling me with pizza on my mouth.

The game lasted over an hour, both teams tie. This was the fifth time and it was suppos to be the time breaker, which I was kind getting tired of hearing Mark trying to show up with Neil. Those couple goofball singing the beer song. I think some of you know what kinds I'm talking about. If you haven't, then god bless you soul.

I was about to hit the ball when Neil start playing the tickle game.

"Stop!" I cry, hating been tickle. I miss the ball in that instant, making me push hard the dummy for making lose. Kyle who play as my partner, patted my back telling me that it was alright, we're ahead of them.

I was luck to have him as my tea since he is pro at this game, you couldn't imagine how professional this guy is. I think Kyle could win at many things, and is not a guess it really can happen. When we were in high school, Kyle always had the luck to win at anything. I remembered there was this contest hosted at school. Why, I don't know, maybe they supported gambling on minors, Anyways...The prize was a new brand car, okay unviable, I know. You see the school we went had his big share of rich kids, and all those kid parents had the tendency to give something extravagant. Why? Ask them, I wouldn't waste money like that.

Back to the story, so they gave us paper with numbers and I know all of you guys knows what the thing works so I wont go on detail on it. I won a coupon for free pizza and two friends, yippie...Neil won a i-pod, lucky bastard. Mike apparently won money, I think it was $20. Nick a coupon but for some athletic store, the one he never even used. And lastly, Kyle won the most hardest and unlivable prize ever. Now I thought the most popular and riches kid, who I guess his parent must have some how fix the thing or whatever the case, might win the big prize but surprisingly, no. Kyle won it, he literally had the winning ticket and won the thing. We all thought it was a prank but when the principal walk towards Kyle, you should have seen or face. Kyle of course, cool as a cucumber. So that was one of Kyle luck. I swear that guy could go to Las Vegas and maybe win all the casinos around the area. Now that sound kinda nonsense but that is my theory.

Anyways, as we continued playing, we wore ahead of those two, Kyle was his turn to hit the ball. I think Mark and Neil were trying to their best to distract him, when all of a sudden... Angelina phone start ringing. Now we are at a bar, and music is playing in the back and that didn't bother us but what Angelina ringtone was just something I thought couldn't ever be on a phone ring. The phone play the most freakish, fruits-sh and cliché of all clichés song that ever been play around this world. Of Course I won't say what song it was, since it might be insulting to some of you who are reading this and no it isn't Justin Bieber songs, the kid is alright in my book. But I can say one thing about this special song we excruciatingly heard it's that when someone has that song they don't know what music is.