Remember the days when people used to help each other? I'm talking about the times when you could go to a neighbor and ask to borrow something. People have left this behind with the new age. Everyone relies only on themselves and their technology. I wish it could go back to those days. So you can do as I am, ask for help. One day I was locked out of my house and needed to get the key from my mom. I went to the neighbor diagnal from me and they gave me a ride to get it and back. He turned out to be a really cool guy who liked Dubstep. We jammed out in the car on the way there and back. Another time, I was freaked out by the storm and was home alone. I went to the neighbors. They let me stay and hang out with them until it was calmed down enough that I would be okay. See? People still do that. Random people on the street will help you. Learn this. Do this.