gaia_nitemareleft Evil is not born, it is created.

gaia_nitemareleft Just because they speak English doesn't mean you can trust them...

gaia_nitemareleft Love is not a feeling its an act of will.

gaia_nitemareleft F.E.A.R - ******** everything and run!

gaia_nitemareleft I hate it when you fall for someone who is a thousand miles away from you.

gaia_nitemareleft Listen to your elder's advice, not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong...

gaia_nitemareleft One kiss could destroy the would.

gaia_nitemareleft Wha'cha gonna do when HE comes for you?

gaia_nitemareleft C.U.T.E.- Causing us to erect.

gaia_nitemareleft S.W.A.G.- Secretly we are gay.

gaia_nitemareleft 1+1 = 69

gaia_nitemareleft One man's trash is another man's treasure.

gaia_nitemareleft Life is so cereal...

gaia_nitemareleft Oh my glob!

gaia_nitemareleft Happiness requires a sacrifice.

gaia_nitemareleft His so wrong in the right ways....

gaia_nitemareleft A fierce desire had taken control of me...

gaia_nitemareleft Ask and you shall receive.

gaia_nitemareleft Don't let the crowd pressure you.

gaia_nitemareleft A penny for your thoughts?