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2013 Summer Sale
The 2013 Summer Sale is happening right now and Gaia Community Discussion is the place to lurk. Every so often, Gaia Online does something folks would freak out, rage quit (though, some are still here), and complain about. It's human nature (see I'm doing it here), there is nothing wrong with it. After reading through fifteen plus topics of the the 9900 Angelic Halo sale, I'm shaking my head.

Gaia Online is a business. A small business, not a major corporation with unlimited money. They have starving artists, programmers, and well creativity requires a lot. Oh I know, I'm using the business excuse. But its not... they really are a business and have every right to do as they please. Two thousand and three was a very long time ago and if they want to re-sell the Angelic Halo or any 2003 item as they please to give folks who actually want the item a chance of obtaining it, I applaud them.

Am I offended they're reselling the Angelic Halo? No.
Am I offended at the price? No.
Shouldn't they keep their word of unique items being sold once? Hmm... tricky subject. I don't recall Gaia ever saying they will never re-release an item. They say something along the lines of "sold once a month."

They have given it away at conventions and such. That falls under the same category. Gaians have petition in the past to allow re-sell of past MCs. They sure listened. Now, the storm of complaints contradicts itself. These forums move extremely fast and its hard to stay informed on the latest petitions.

I surely won't waste my time and energy complaining on this decisionl. If you have the money to spend and choose to spend it on cash shop items, aren't you free to do so? However, folks running amok saying those who spend over $99 are dumb, I'm really confused about that.

One great response in one of the threads sums up how I feel:
Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:13 am
This whole thing is blown out of proportion.

VERY few people will buy them to the point you won't even notice.

MOST of the people whining are just pissed they can't afford it, which is why they are hating on the few who can. While I'm at it its NOT your money, if someone wants to spend $1000 on a pixalated item its THEIR choice!

Then there's the ones that are all 'OMG they MASS-RELEASED IT OMG RAGEQUITTING!' good, leave, give your s**t away then regret it later after realizing that Gaia can and always will do whatever they want. Once in a while they do listen to some of the users but the bottom line is they will always just do what'll suit them best.

Saw Uncle Kenny roaming around doing damage control or rather enlightening folks.
Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:48 am
It's not being offered because of financial trouble, no. It's our 10th anniversary and people have asked for a way to get the Angelic Halo again for pretty much all 10 of those years. It isn't really a mass-release because it's such a high price and is only being offered in limited bursts. Even if it were doubled, it wouldn't be "mass" because of the numbers that are on active accounts. The value won't be affected by any amount that are sold since there will be so few added.

That's my rant for today.
I'm going to hide in a box until this is over. Backlashes are extremely terrifying on Gaia now. I miss the good ole' days.

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Sevi Rais
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jun 29, 2013 @ 02:12am
Welcome to the internet, where we complain about nothing important. :/

Are people really ranting? Omg.... rolleyes

commentCommented on: Sat Jun 29, 2013 @ 02:28am
I think this is where discussion depends on it's peers.
You have the ones fairly new to Gaia and I can see where items at their price can seem unattainable. Spell, I remember when 4000 gold for some fox ears took almost months to get.

Then you have the Seniors users, where a group will appreciate the fact that they are given a second chance to get this multi dollar item. Still you will have the ones that have spent most of their Gaian years trying to get the Halo.

Of course the ones that can't afford it will complain, and not think that in the long run they could indeed still have a chance to get one in the future, Granted it's not now, but will be later either through a contest, event, shop, or even the Market Place "Yes the Market Place still exist."

My word:

Kudos Gaia for thinking about the future!
May you sell Many Halo's and stay cool in the Melting weather!

Rakura Lynn
Community Member
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