Friends are like flower petals; they support the individual. Some will drift away unfortunately drift away, never to be seen again. Others will advance and assist the person throughout their un-expecting journey of life. I’ve been a member since 2009, and a lot of petals have plunged to the earth. Some of my closest friends during those old days have long left, making me feel like an empty shell with no internal soul embedded in me. But ever since I came back, I’ve met people who healed that broken piece inside me.

The following people have supported me throughout my adventure and were always there for me to enhance my mood.

1. Weeping Snow (Diamond)
I remember the first time we met; it was during winter break. I was wandering around towns, trying to meet new people. You have always been one of my closest friends. When I slump down, you give me your advices, and you know what cheers me up on my darkest days. In all, I’m just very blissful that I met someone like you. Thank you!

2. Kagutsuchi Sasuke (Sasu)

You’ve been there for me when I’m down, and you tried your best to aid me when I was sick for a week with sinus infection and couldn’t go to school. We rarely talk nowadays because of different time zones, but still, you are very fun to talk to. Thank you for your kind deeds!

3. Red Tomato Kushina (Twinny)

I remember the first time I hung out with you on your Sakura account. It was so entertaining! Once you started to become more active on your Kushina account, I started to understand you a lot more. Sure, you have your down moments, but I just love how you’re so bubbly and cheerful sometimes! Thank you for allowing me to meet you!

4. iNamikaze Minato (Bobo)

What can I say? You’re a pretty cool guy. I know we argue and nag almost every day, but I find it hilarious. I remember when I would suddenly turn moody, and you tried to help. I appreciate it. Now, I don’t want to see you depressed anymore, got that?

5. Kamui Obito (George)

You’re just one awesome dude! You’re easy to talk to, make me laugh, keep conversations going, and best of all, you follow my orders. I know that sounds a little cruel, but my commands are just for fun. Thank you for always being there for me when I need some company.

6. Cozplai Sensei (Jamie)

I remember those good days when you, Diamond, and I would hang out. You would always call me “Useless” or “Pinky”. There were times where I got a little pissed at that, but it’s all good now. It’s just me over-reacting, so don’t worry about it. Anyways, I hope we can still hang out like in the good old days, so I can talk and get to know you more.

7. iLost Blues (Bro)

We haven’t talked in a while, but that’s fine. I just wanted to say thank you for being like a brother to me; being available when I needed some comfort.

I love you guys all! *Hugs and kisses to everyone* C: