...So today I was visited yet again by another ghost from my past.
No, not her again. Not this time.
This time it was someone who, up until recently I had honestly begun to believe was just that--a ghost. Obviously, such was not the case.

It was Monique. You recall reading about her in my story, right? She was easily one of the most interesting, most profound young women I had ever come in contact with, and yes, even to this day she still crossed my mind from time to time.
Apparently, I crossed hers too.

It was about this time a year ago that it all went down, oddly enough. The scandal, the "incident" I had previously written about in another entry. It all happened about this time last year. Albeit perhaps off by a week or two, but that'd be getting too technical with things.
The most interesting thing about the matter isn't even so much the fact that, after all I'd done to her she'd still remembered me, even thought of me on occasion, but perhaps the most interesting thing of it all is the fact that we actually had a long, stimulating conversation.
It wasn't all that much, but we spoke for hours simply catching up with each other. She asked most of the questions, although I suppose I didn't have too much to ask myself. I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole situation I suppose.

She seems to be doing significantly better since we last met, and I suppose I should be relieved by this, but in all honesty I'm not sure how to feel yet. I'm still a bit taken aback, I suppose you could say.
She offered to keep in touch should I ever feel like talking to someone, but I don't know yet. Perhaps I may some time, after I compose myself a bit more.

Still, I suppose it was nice to see a figure from my past that didn't make me feel ENTIRELY guilty. And I suppose I could even take this as some form of closure or resolution to this matter. I don't know yet.
I can't help but wonder why all these elements of my past seem to be converging on me all of a sudden, though.
I suppose time will tell precisely why. Perhaps all I can do is wait and see.