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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.6 - Rebelling
Zelda: *The group slept through the night with little problems, enjoying the nice beds that the castle had. When morning came, she requested to everyone that they wait to leave until evening and to keep it quiet from everyone. She had plans; plans that wouldn't be too appealing to her father if they were revealed. As they spent their last day in the castle, they were preparing with what Zelda instructed.*

Link: So, I guess we do the usual, then? *He looked over to Ukitake and Shunsui.*

Ukitake: Leaving without any word to anyone? Though this situation surely calls for that. We can't wait for permission to save the world...*He smiled, giggling softly.*

Jade: My, my... saving the world. I didn't think I'd be dragged into something such as this...*he closed his eyes, sweatdropping as he raised a hand to his forehead.*

Zelda: *She looked over to them as she sighed.* I know it isn't very proper to do, but I can't tell my father. He won't believe anything I say in terms of Hyrule being in danger. I have to do this.

Alonsa: No, we kinda understand it this time. I mean, I'd rather have him yell at us then have time so messed up to the point where we'd wake up in the morning and go to bed right after for the night. *She sighed.*

Zelda: For now when we go to dinner, act normal. I think we should leave later tonight when it's dark.. though I'm trying to remember how to access the sky.. once again, I get headaches trying to think of it. *She said as her ears lowered, looking down.*

Jade: *He kept his hands in his pockets as he smiled.* Normal is my middle name. *Everyone turned to him, narrowing their eyes. He removed his hands to raise them slightly, shrugging.* Do try to keep up with my sarcasm. It's not very fun when you overreact. *He teased.* Actually maybe it is.

Zelda: *She smiled faintly to Jade.* Thank you for understanding.. I suppose I'll see you all at dinner. I'm going to finish getting ready. *She looked to Shunsui for a moment before she began to walk off towards the direction to where her room was.*

Ra: *His eyes blinked, looking as she left. He held shunsui's hand as he looked up to him, wanting to go with him to see her.*

Shunsui: Let's go help her get ready, Ra. *He smiled as he walked in with him.*


Zelda: *She had her item pouch on her bed as she was digging through it, organizing her items. She knew this trip was going to be quite a challenge, so she was making sure she had all of the important items such as her harp, her spells and some other Hylian objects that helped her through her adventures with Link. She looked up to the two as they came in, giving a faint smile.*

Shunsui: How are ya feeling...? Need any help with your stuff here...? *He smiled as he let go of Ra's hand, Ra walking up to her and hugging her leg.*

Zelda: I'm sure I'm alright, but I always like company. *She said as she kneeled down to hug Ra, holding him close.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled, looking down to the things she had been packing.* You like to be rebellious a lot, huh? You always seem sad about it though. I'm sure things between you him will patch up eventually... Some people learn things the hard way.

Zelda: *She looked over at him.* I like adventuring more than anything, but it's hard when you're sort of being treated as a prisoner in the castle, so to speak. I don't like acting in secret, but I have no choice. I can't let my life be run for me, and I know that's what my father is going to say at dinner tonight. He's going to lecture me and force me to stay back from you all. I saw that look in his eyes, Shunsui. He accepts you, but he feels like I'm becoming less lady-like.

Ra: But you're part of the family now... You're my mommy... Mommies don't leave families... *He looked down, his eyes narrowing as they shook and welled up.* They're... suppose to always be with you...

Zelda: *She stared at Ra, a little shocked by how he was speaking. Even if it was meant to be out of innocence, Ra was acting mature. She pressed her head onto Ra's as she closed her eyes.* I know Ra.. That's why I'm not letting him boss me around. I'm going with you, and that's that.

Ra: *He looked up to her, smiling warmly as he blushed faintly. He giggled when she nudged him.* Yeah...

Shunsui: *He chuckled, looking to the door.* I think dinner should be prepared now, so we better not give the King any strange ideas seeing us two arrive late. *He teased.*

Zelda: *She looked up to Shunsui as she still held Ra to her, giving a faint nod.* And after, I want some alone time with you until we leave. *She smiled before she planted a kiss on Ra's head, standing up as she went over to Shunsui with Ra.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled, nodding.* Just give me the time and day, and I'll always be there...

Zelda: *She leaned in to him and kissed his cheek softly before she left her room with the two, leaving her item pouch on her bed so her father wouldn't get suspicious.*

Ra: SWING ME! *He always liked to swing between his friends, as they held his hands.*

Zelda: *She went with them towards the dining room as they swung Ra like he wanted to. She always found joy with the two, even if she was at her most sorrowful state of mind. The group ate dinner, and just as Zelda said, she was getting lectured like usual; though he didn't do it directly at her. When they were finished, she stopped her friends and told them to get rest now, because she knew they were going to be travelling late. Though something was bothering her during that dinner session. One of the guards had mentioned finding ancient bird statues, and it sounded so familiar. They had found one in the Lanayru Desert, a much more deeper section of the Gerudo desert that was days away from the Fortress, so no one went.*

Shunsui: *He walked over to her, nudging her as his sleeves connected. He looked down to the floor as they walked towards the courtyard.* Well, his lecturing was less prominent than I imagined.

Zelda: *She walked with him as she looked over to him, sighing faintly.* He's persistent, to say the least. I was expecting more as well to be honest. *She went out into the courtyard with him, finding the night to be much cooler than it was last night, though she didn't mind too much. She always loved seeing the cherry blossoms falling, even if it was lit up by the moon.*

Shunsui: So, Zelda. It seems like princesses like you and Peach have it really rough... *He placed a hand on his hat, lowering it over his eyes.* I suppose that's why you admire people like Link and Mario. These things aren't easy... This whole journey up to now has been almost paradise, huh? *He smiled, looking to her.* But, we all need to come from somewhere... We all have a beginning and an end.

Zelda: *She went over and sat down on a bench, looking over to him.* I know.. but I love it so much. *She smiled gently.* Besides, I get the impression that you enjoy the little rebellious side that I have inside me.

Shunsui: It does seem to attract me. *He said, smirking to her.* And your father should be more understanding, after all, you're traveling with your-soon-to-be-husband. Not to toot my own horn or anything... *He chuckled.*

Zelda: *She smiled to him gently as she took his hand into hers.* Which is why I'm deciding to do this. I want to stay with you and everyone else, even if it means I'll be going behind my father's back a bit. I love you, Shunsui.

Shunsui: I love you too, Zelda. *He squeezed her hand as he leaned in to kiss her, his hat tilting over their face this time in case Jade decided to watch again.*

Zelda: *She closed her eyes as she kissed him, a bit thankful that no one was here this time. Jade did ruin their moment last night. She held their kiss for quite some time until she parted, looking up to him and smiling gently.* We have a few hours to spare before we leave..

Shunsui: I wonder what we can do for that time.... *He teased, smiling warmly as he faintly blushed. Just when Zelda was about to lean in again, Shunsui pulled out a bowl of sake as he started to pour into it.* Let's have a drink!

Zelda: *She stopped as she looked at him, giving him her look.* Oh Shunsui.. *She giggled.* Alright. Just don't let my father catch you doing this.

Shunsui: *He chuckled* Hey, hey, with that attitude you can hardly enjoy anything... You want to be rebellious don't you? Might as well have the same point of view for almost everything. *He handed her a small bowl, chuckling.* Here, here.... Drink. Soon, we'll leave this place and go on another dangerous adventure. Enjoy yourself!

Zelda: I hope it isn't going to be dangerous. *She said as she took it from him.* Though what the guard said at dinner is making me wonder... A bird statue in Lanayru Desert.. *She winced faintly when she felt pain.* I think it's connected to Skyloft, because it makes me feel pain..

Shunsui: Are we going to check that out...? *He looked to her, blushing faintly from the liquor.*

Zelda: *She found it a bit funny how he always flushed with drinking, but she wasn't any better. She did it as well, and she assumed her face had already reached that point with the sake she had.* I think we should. I wonder if Link gets affected by thinking of the sky too.. I haven't seen him react like I do.

Shunsui: Maybe... Maybe not? *He took another sip, placing it down as he wiped his mouth.* Never seen him in pain.

Zelda: *She looked up at the sky, sighing quietly.* I'll talk to him about it later, I suppose. *She looked over to him, seeing how he was engulfing so much more sake.*... Shunsui, don't drink too much.

Shunsui: What...? I'm perfectly fine...*He fell over onto her lap.* ...Maybe not.

Zelda: *She looked down at him, smiling faintly as she patted his head.* You just.. stay there for a while. *She said as she leaned back, closing her eyes.* Besides, Jade doesn't seem to want to interrupt us tonight, so I don't mind.

Shunsui: *He chuckled, closing his eyes as his hat rolled off of his head and stopped at the edge of the bench.* Wake me up when we're leaving...

Zelda: I'll try. *She teased as she kept her hand on him. She felt nervous for what was to come, and in only a few hours, they were going to leave and begin their new journey. She reached over and took his kimono off, wrapping it around herself as she got comfortable with him sleeping in her lap.*


Link: *He arrived with Melody first, placing his hands on his hips as he looked to the two. He sweatdropped.* I'm... going to try my best not to be too concerned of what happened here... *Looks to Melody.* Looks like we're one of the first though.

Melody: *She looked around to see if she could see anyone.* It seems so.. *She looked to Zelda and Shunsui, smiling faintly.* They're asleep..

Link: Yeah... They sure enjoy sleeping outside. *He scratched his nose, blushing.* The last time I slept outside... well that's when we...

Melody: It was only a couple of nights ago in the forest. *She looked to him before she sat down on one of the other benches.* Where are the others?

Link: *His eyes widened, sweatdropping when he had forgotten about the forest. He lowered his head and arms, feeling dumb and depressed.* I-I don't know...

Melody: *She looked over to him.* What's wrong..? You've been acting sort of odd all day.

Link: Just my dignity...

Melody: Your dignity...? *She blinked, confused.*

Alonsa: *She walked over with Ven, patting his back.* Perky is just having one of those moods again. Maybe his name should be changed to Anti Perky. *She smirked, thinking.* Maybe that's Ghirahim. What do you think, Stud?! These nicknames drive me insane sometimes!

Link: *He backed slightly away from everyone, sweatdropping.* What's with this confrontation...? I just got the two nights mixed up... *He looked down.* I guess if I think hard about it, though. Something does seem to be bothering me, but I can't pinpoint it out of all these things in my head right now.

Melody: *She looked up to him, reaching over to hold his hand.* Link..

Ven: *He kept looking at him.* Well, it is your kingdom that's getting troubled rather than Melody's for once.. so I guess it's just getting to your head. But remember, we're all here for you. *He smirked.*

Link: *He smiled back, nodding.* Y-yeah. Thanks, I'll be counting on all of you.

Ukitake: *Ukitake arrived with Tiercel and Harrier.* So we're almost ready to depart. *Alonsa looked up to him, smiling.*

Alonsa: Where's Mr. Sarcastic and Silent Gentleman?

Ukitake: I think they mentioned earlier they'd be in the bar. *He smiled, looking over to the flowers to see Ra playing with them.* And Ra's just over there.

Ven: *He looked over.* Gareth? At a bar? That's not like him at all. I doubt he did. *He rubbed his head.*

Ukitake: Oh, really? *He tilted his head, thinking.* I hope Jade didn't trick him into it then.

Harrier: Alonsa, would you knock off the nicknames? *He was clearly aggravated by it.*

Alonsa: What, you don't like them, Grumps? *She leaned herself forward, pouting with her hands placed a her waist.* Not that I'll stop just because you said so.

Harrier: *He rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms.* It gets annoying after a while, you know.

Zelda: *She began to wake up to the group talking, blushing majorly when she saw them all around.* Oh.. did I oversleep? I'm sorry.

Ra: *He ran to Zelda, holding out a flower giggling.*

Zelda: *She smiled gently to Ra, taking it.* thanks, Ra. *She looked down to the sleeping Shunsui, having her own sweatdrop moment when she saw he was drooling on her.*... Shunsui. *She sighed, shaking her head. She reached down and shook him.* Wake up sleepy head.

Shunsui: *He woke up as he fell from her lap and onto the ground in a big crash, groaning. Jade and Gareth arrived as he fell, looking over to him.*

Link: Looks like everyone is here... *He smiled, looking to Zelda.* It's midnight, too.

Alonsa: There's no turning back, Zelda. You're sure about this, right?

Zelda: *She stood up, looking to them as she nodded.* It's the fate of Hyrule that's in our hands... I need to protect it if I'm going to become queen of it soon, even if it's against my father's wishes.

Link: Yeah... you're protecting the kingdom in your own way. Your father's era will soon end. it's time to look towards the future. *He smiled, forming a fist in front of him as he looked to Zelda.* We'll help support that future.

Zelda: *She smiled gently to him.* Adventuring is who I am. I won't let myself be trapped as princess for the rest of my life. *She reached to her item pouch as she pulled out her harp.* For now, we should get going. Are we all ready?

Alonsa: *She placed her arms behind her head, giggling.* Ready as spaghetti!

Jade: *He smiled, pushing his glasses up his face as his eyes narrowed.* We seem to be okay.

Ukitake: *He nodded, smiling.* Let's get going.

Zelda: *She looked to them before she looked down to her harp.* A couple of things.. We're not going to the sky right away. There's something far into Hyrule I want to see first, and I feel we need to if we want to reach the sky. And.. *She didn't like saying this.* I will be travelling in a disguise when we reach populated areas. If my father finds out, who knows what he'll do.

Jade: *He took his hands out of his pockets to cross his arms together, looking over to her.* Will that help? He knows of the group you're with.

Zelda: He doesn't know of my disguise, so I will be safe. I've done it before. *She said as she looked to Jade.* I'll change into it once we get to the desert.

Alonsa: Let's all just be careful alongside her, if we feel so worried. Are we taking Ancaladar?

Zelda: *She looked to Tiercel and Harrier.* Could you ask him to meet us by the Spririt Temple?

Tiercel: *He nodded.* Already doing it now. *He smiled to her as he closed his eyes.*

Zelda: We're going to wait for him there, and then we'll be off. We're heading to Lanayru Desert, which is a few days away from Gerudo Desert.

Link: Oh, boy... this is going to be a really hot for days...

Alonsa: Well I conveniently have our cloaks we used in our little first visit to that desert, so it's thank-you-so-much-Alonsa week. *She giggled.*

Zelda: *She looked to Alonsa, smiling gently.* I see you're making use of the pouch I gave you. It helps me all of the time. For now, I think we should get going.

Alonsa: Yup! *She giggled*

Jade: *He smiled, shrugging as he raised his hands up slightly.* A cloak doesn't capture my essence too well, so I'm fine without one. I can adapt to any environment, really.

Link: What are you... *His eyes narrowing, turning to him sweatdropping.* Anyways… you're bringing us there, right? *He sighed.* I miss using my Ocarina now...

Ukitake: *He patted his shoulder.* The Ocarina takes some air out of your lungs, where we're going, you might want to sustain all your energy.*He laughed.*

Zelda: *She gave a faint smile to Link.* I'm sorry. I promise you can play the next song when we travel through Hyrule. Everyone hold on. *She gave a cautious glance to Jade in case he tried to bully Shunsui again. She began to play the Requiem of Spirit ( Requiem of Spirit ) once everyone grabbed hold of her.*


End of Chapter 4.6
Chapter 4.7

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