There are bad decisions and bad decisions.
I have made many bad decisions, but i dont remember making many bad decisions. But i do remember making a particular bad decision, and in fact i am reminded everyday about it, literally, with some day more than others.
But what sucks about it is that i cant do anything about it. For example if you, i dont know, buy an xbox one instead of a ps4 (boy, that sure is a bad decision), you can always play it for a while and then sell it or something. Its not that you are stuck with it and wont be able to buy a ps4 later. Yeah it sucks that you wasted money on it, but you can fix it.
I could give my own excuses of why i did what i did, but it wont do anything. I could say that i am sorry (and i am), but that wont be enough. That's the worst feeling, knowing that i cant do anything about it.
I wonder if it is too late to say it, and i regret not have said it before :/ but back then i was too busy pointing fingers.
I would say more but it would probably go to waste.