So yesterday , i worked my ASS off, sweating bullets right, and a damn base starts sliding off the shingles and i'm just like, "shiit!" cause i was just about to put on my harness so had to make the decision , base or rope? BASE or ROPE? stupid me , tried going both, so i grab the rope and lunge at the stupid sliding base and miss completely , still holding onto the rope, I slide down a little ways like a retarded starfish , failing at the only thing i ad to do. Which was pass the stupid base. Ugh , today i was told to , weirdly enough , grab a base again and when i'm under the garage, i'm told to watch out , so i went all armadillo and ninja roll out the way right, and he throws the tarp paper after i pull my dramatic stunt. My brother just shook his head at me. oh, this other funny thing happened today, wasn't me but i was there when it happened , so this guy right, one of the roofers goes to get on the roof from the garage, so he tries to spider monkey his way up there and he makes it and whatnot, eventually he's like , " how am i supposed to get down?!" lol so he jumps the first time, stumbles back a bit, and makes it like a pro. Not twenty minutes later he jumps on to the garage, and suddenly breaks right through! He's up to his shins just laughing at himself with his feet through that hole. so he was scared as F***! and me and this other roofer are just laughing at this guy. that was awesome. so today the only thing that pisses me off is the tarp paper for not rolling right, oh and that loud mouthed assh***e for saying sh*t behind my brothers back. but as soon as he showed up to deal with it he goes all puppydog and pretending to be innocent like he doesn't know what the f*ck he was saying. see, moments like that i want my videocamera but word of warning , EVERY CELLPHONE CLERK DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT.