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Zexal Dueling School This is about a boy who got hacked and is trying to fit in once again but on a different crazy adventure

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The Series Of Dueling
(NOTE: this is my first series im starting so if anyone has any ideas i can add to the story i will and i will give you a shout out...also i do not own the company nor i own the cards...i just make the stories)

Announcer: hey fans of all ages its time for that one kid who everyone thinks he's weird, but he plays with his heart, its Tekusen!!!!
(the audience in the background claps softly, after one guy does a huge laugh at the end and stops)

TEKUSEN: hehehe hey folks ummm yeah hehehe first time in the city hehehe but umm...ok look i didnt come here for this stuff i mean its just some sort of stupid thing really...i was dragged into it cause my little sister wanted me to pretend.

(his little sis, named shira comes in and bonks him on the head with a teddy bear)

SHIRA: big bwudder you said you would play with me so get it right.

(Tekusen looks down and a sweat drop icon appears nad drips down his head and stops)

TEKUSEN: i said i would play with you not have you be a bossy pants and tell me what to do...and this isn't even a real audience. Its just a bunch of teddy bears and other stuffed animals sitting down and looking at me its not even real.

(His little sister looks at him with big eyes and tear stream)

SHIRA: B-b-b-but you s-s-said you would play with m-me. crying

TEKUSEN: yes i did say that but i didnt want you to boss me around.

(just then the door bell goes off)

TEKUSEN: i got it

(shira runs behind him and trips him falling backwards)

SHIRA: No i got it (she opens) oh hello millina

(Millina is a girl at school and she is one of my best friends...lets just say she beat up a kid for me in 2nd grade)


TEKUSEN sad gets up quick) i dont like her like her she is my best friend we made a promise to each other it wouldnt hurt our friendship...right milly?

MILLINA: mhm nothing will come between us. ^u^

(rorak comes in and hugs us by the neck...also this is rorak he is one great friend, and he is a fast eater)

RORAK: now then how are my two favorite buddies huh?

TEKUSEN: (feeling crushed) ahh good uggh. xux

MILLINA: (also feeling crushed) yeah hehe mind letting us go?

RORAK: (letting them go) ohh sorry i guess i dont know my own strength.
Say have you heard the news...there having a contest at the pier to see who wins a free scholarship at Duel University

TEKUSEN: no way...i have to go check it out

(his little sis stands in the way)

SHIRA: no no bwudder you have to watch me mom said.

TEKUSEN: fine *picks her up* your coming with me to cheer me on

SHIRA: (shaking her head) nah im gonna cheer on your opponent (she giggles a little evily)

TEKUSEN: (shocked and angry scream ) WHY YOU LITTLE...ugh fine

(he runs upstairs and grabs his deck and duel disk and runs outside with his friends and little sis)


(the group starts to walk to the pier as they come across some really tough duelists)

(Tekusen looks at them feeling scared and a little ill)

MILLINA: ohh dont worry Teku, as long as you believe in yourself you wont lose.

RORAK: yeah just believe in your deck.

TEKUSEN: (looking at them feeling good) thanks guys i wont let you down.

(he puts his little sis down and enters in the tornament)

ANNOUCER JEFF: HELLOOOOO EVERYBODY and welcome to the free scholar duel where one lucky winner will get a scholarship to duel university...and here are the contestants

She was ranked 2 in the duelist city wide championship...
Ikiya Muzota!!!

and next he helps his friends at the aquarium and he doesnt eat his friends...
Hitoro Yukke!!!

his father is the mayor and boss of uchiwaya franchise he is the richest kid in all of Tungo City....
Mechiro uchiwaya!!!

all he wants is a nice scholarship
Tekusen Wutoah

IKIYA: (in her mind) its time to show what im capable of

HITORO (in his mind) time for a huge brawling

MECHIRO (in his mind...kinda hoping you wont read his bad thoughts) hehe what fools but it would be nice to cream these pip-squeaks even if i lose i will still get into the university i just like to win and crush peoples spirits

TEKUSEN: (looking at the camera) Hey dad i know you can see me hahaha i hope your business trip is going well hahaha wish me luck

MILLINA: (facepalming) he is gonna lose if he keeps this up

SHIRA: (holding out a quarter) 25 cents he loses

ANNOUNCER JEFF: ok our judges have compiled the tornament face offs and first is...(it shows Ikiya vs Tekusen)

IKIYA: oh i know him from school hehehe i guess he will be shocked to remember me...(she walks over and introduces herself) Hi tekusen biggrin

TEKUSEN: hey umm do i know you


TEKUSEN: (realizing) oh hey yeah now i remember...wait i didnt know you dueled!! (shocked)

IKIYA: Thats right so you better watch out Tekusen im taking you down

Tekusen: (smirking) we'll see about that.

(and the battle begins and Ikiya goes first)

IKIYA: I draw (draws) and i place one monster in face down defense position and end my turn.

TEKUSEN: here i go (draws) hmm i summon crystal beast amber mammoth in attack mode (ATK: 1700,DEF: 1600)....go amber mammoth attack her face down, stampeed shine!!!

(her face down card was Arcana Force 0 the foot)

IKIYA: hahaha funny my fool cant be destroyed by battle...good job wasting a move like that....

TEKUSEN: ahhh oh gosh ummm i-i-i'll end with a face down your move

IKIYA: fine HA (draws) hmm i summon Arcana force I the magician in attack mode
(ATK: 1100, DEF 1100) and i activate his ability, when he is summoned to the field i can flip a coin...
(HEADS: when a spell card is activated the monsters original attack becomes doubled until end of turn.
TAILS: when ever a spell card is activated your opponent gains 500 life points)
now flip my coin of time and see what unfolds...(its flips and lands on heads)
Hahaha now my monster's attack becomes doubled if a spell card is activated and yes im gonna activate one...i activate ookazi (your opponent loses 800 life points)

TEKUSEN (3200) IKIYA (4000)

IKIYA: now my monster's attack is at 2200, attack my magician and hit his mammoth..

TEKUSEN (2700) IKIYA (4000)

TEKUSEN (falling on one knee because of the blast) ngggh you forgot when ever a crystal beast monster is destroyed it gets sent to the spell and trap card zone as i continuous spell card!

IKIYA: hehehe fine i end with a face down go!!

RORAK: Man he is losing it out there< ya think he is trusting his deck?

SHIRA: my big bwudder can handle it he isnt that much of a baby.

TEKUSEN: (gets up and draws and looks) alright, i summon crystal beast sapphire pegasus in attack mode (ATK: 1800, DEF: 1200) and when he is normal, flipped or special summoned..i can send one crystable beast monster from my deck, hand, graveyard, and place it in my spell and trap card zone as a continuous spell card...and i put from my deck my emerald tortoise.
And thats not all i activate, i activate my trap card crystal raigeki...i send one crystal beast card in my spell and trap card zone to the graveyard in order to destroy one card on the field and i choose your magician (Sends his amber mammoth to the grave) now i play the spell card crystal promise and i sepcial summon my emerald tortoise in defense mode (ATK: 600, DEF: 2000) and i end with a face down yoru move.

IKIYA: hmm your pretty good for someone who is about to lose i draw (draws) and i sacrifice my fool in order to summer arcana force XII the hanged man in attack mode (ATK: 2200, DEF: 2200) and i activate his ability

(HEADS: during your end phase, destroy one monster you control and you take damage equaled to its attack.
TAILS: during your end phase, destroy one of your opponent's monsters and he/she gets inflicted with its attack points)

NOW FLIP....(it flips and makes a heads)

TEKUSEN: hahaha you lost the coin flip

IKIYA: no matter i activate my trap card reversal of fate...now the coin flip will be effecting you...now my hanged man attack his tortoise!

TEKUSEN: not so fast i activate my trap card magical cylinders, when ever a monster on my opponents side of the field attacks, the attack gets sent to my opponent which means you get hit by your monsters attack.

TEKUSEN (2700) IKIYA (1800)

IKIYA: hmm not bad kid but still not enough to break me i end my turn with a face down and seeing its the end phase i choose your sapphire pegasus to be destroyed and you get hit by its attack points

TEKUSEN (900) IKIYA (1800)




TEKUSEN: (in his mind) there right if i believe in myself i won't lose but if i get hit one more time, no duel university, i must win this, i put a lot of time into this deck and i wont let myself lose like this (done thinking) ok i draw (draws) Owo YES i play crystal blessing...with this card i can choose up to 2 crystal beast cards in my gavreyard and put them in the spell and trap card zone, and i choose my sapphire pegasus and my amber mammoth, and thats not all im also gonna activate crystal beacon from my hand and special summon crystal beast ruby carbuncle (ATK: 300 , DEF: 300) and since my ruby carbuncle was special summoned i can special summon as many crystal beast monsters from my spell and trap card zone, to the field and i choose my sapphire pegasus and my amber mammoth...and to add to the final piece i play the equip card crystal release and i place it on my sapphire pegasus, now my pegasus gets an 800 attack point boost making him 2600 attack points....now go my sapphire pegasus and attack her hanged man

TEKUSEN: (800) IKIYA: (1400)

and now amber mammoth finish her off AMBER STOMP

TEKUSEN: (800) IKIYA: (0)

ANNOUNCER JEFF: The winner of round one...give it up for TEKUSEN!!!!

(the whole crowd claps loudly as he stands up with his duel disk in the air and looks at Ikiya)

TEKUSEN: hey wait (runs over) that was a pretty cool duel we just had, haven't duel someone that tough in a while. smile

IKIYA: (looking back smirking and poking his forehead) don't think you will win the next time i see you, you may be good but you might lose next time so be on guard.

TEKUSEN: (rubbing his forehead) owww and fine.

(both shake hands and get off the stage fro the next duelists)

MILLINA: that was great Tekusen!

RORAK: yeah you did good!

SHIRA: (tugging on his shirt) big bwudder...im hungry...and good job smile

TEKUSEN: (stomach growling) yeah i guess i am to, lets get some chow (gives her a piggy back as the group walks to the nearest food stand)


Hitoro and Mechiro face off but its not looking to good for Hitoro, if you wanna know more check it out, new episode tomorrow

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