cry Once I came home from my little visit to where I'm going to be moving in to I received one hell of a welcome home gift. Me and my fiance and my grandparents left to go out to eat at a restaurant that I haven't had since I was five years old; on the way back home we were being followed by a storm of some sort a windstorm actually. The moment we walked in the house me and my fiance went to my room so I could what was supposed to be unpack. So we did for a minute or two. We shut my blinds or at least he got his, I reached to twist mine and next thing we knew was *crack*(we thought this was thunder) thunder it was not, it was a branch (we didn't know it was until sheet rock came from the ceiling) yes I got crushed by the roof. I am okay now though or at least I am physically. Mentally okay though is a different story because I use to love sitting on my bed and listening to thunderstorms, but now because of what happened I'm traumatized of thunder now because each crack of thunder sounds like the crack the tree branch made.