My role play character is the main female character from my fanfiction. She isn't 100% mine, but rather my take on her.

Enchanted Forest Bio:

Alice's mother died when she was only 14 years old, not long after marrying her husband Kind Midas and inheriting a step-daughter Abigail. King Midas loved Alice as if she were his own blood, treating her no differently than he did his own lovely daughter. One day not long after her 18th birthday, while in the market of the nearby town Alice got into an argument with her step-sister about how she treated and spoke of the local people. Abigail looked down upon them as if they were nothing, as if they did not matter. It was the reason Alice and her had never gotten along or ever became close. She was always raised to see the best in people and had always been a good judge of character.

Alice created a big scene, storming off into the nearby forest with tears running down her face. The people Abigail was insulting were people who had loved her mother as their queen, they respected her and would follow her anywhere. The strangers in the market seemed like more of a family to her then Abigail ever would.

Alice wandered deeper into the woods, unaware there was another there with her. She stepped oddly on a slippery boulder and was falling to the ground toward jagged rocks that would be sure to crack her head open more than likely killing her on impact. But before she could hit, her arm was caught by something. She turned to see what had grabbed her and saw a boy, a few years older than she was, looking at her with great concern. As soon as he pulled her up right his face changed, a charming grin spreading across it.

She soon learned his name was Jefferson and has had seen her in the market wander off and was in fact following her but only because he was concerned for her safety knowing she maybe be in danger walking around when she did know the forest.

Alice and Jefferson get married and shortly after find that she is pregnant.

{Alice is taken from Jefferson and Grace, causing them to believe she is dead. That bit isn’t totally worked out yet but Rumplestilskin is involved.}

Storybrooke Bio

Addison (EF: Alice) in a college student majoring in English literature with the hopes of becoming an author one day. When not working on her papers or in school she works at Granny’s diner. Her life changes when a man, dress very well in a pair of black slacks, a tasteful button up shirt with a black vest over it and a long trench style pea coat, walks in to the diner. She recognized the man from a dream of herself walking through the woods and falling but being saved by him. She had never seen him before now, at least that’s what she could remember.
Jefferson is just as stunned when he walks in and sees his beautiful wife standing behind the counter of the diner on one of his first trips out of his luxury home in years, considering he thought she was dead. But there she was, his Alice as gorgeous as ever and still fiery as hell he could see it in her eyes.

{From here I would like to end the bio, if I were to continue it may end up exactly like my story. I’d like the role play to have the base from the story and take on a life of its own. They way that Alice and Jefferson meet could change as well, what I put from the Enchanted Forest is just what I had written.}

The Look of Addison/Alice

I love Taylor Momsen’s look and thought she’d make a great Alice. So I did what I believe I do best and love to do; created an edit using her as my Alice.

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