Let me just start by saying WELCOME!

It may seem odd, my obsession for the Mad Hatter, Once Upon a Time, and Alice in Wonderland but there are worse things to be crazed about right?

Once Upon a Time brings new light to the stories we all grew up with, it shows us a different side of the characters and make them more real by showing you different sides to them and showing their flaws. Show White is no longer the perfect princess we had all thought. It's things like that that make the show worth watching and its what keeps me coming back week after week.

What is there not to like about Alice in Wonderland? The whole concept of the story is to believe in the impossible, don't sell yourself short. Yes, is throws you into a fantasy world dreamed up by a man who spent too much time in an opium den but the basic message on the story should be inspiring to young kids.

And as for my Hatter love? Well that's more thanks to Sebastian Stan and Andrew Lee Potts, both had the opportunity to play different versions of the Mad Hatter and both are just so incredible in their roles. Plus they are completely hot.