Hello Hello Hello!!!! Its me! The Anime Kitty!!!! I was informed last night by a super awsome follower on Anime Amino about the approval of a Hetalia SEASON 6!!!!! How awesome is that!!!!!!!!! There will be more of the amazing J Michale Tatum (France), and Todd Haberkorn (Italy), Eric Vale (Canada and America) , Clarine Harp (China), Patrick Seitz (Germany),Christopher Bevins(Japan), Jerry Jewell(Russia), and Scott Freeman(England)!!! I am so excited! I am almost done with the videos for the 5th season and I just hope its true what they are saying!!!!!
Hehehe My reaction to the news :
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Elijahs Reaction:
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He isn't such a fan of this show...I think its cause I fan girl over it way to much :3
Well thats my news for the day!!!!
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Sinister Panda!
I love you guys thanks for reading!!
~The Anime Kitty ~ cat_4laugh