Yeah, so I'm not great at updating.
Oh well.

Anyways, so I've now finished my math/science summer camp gig, it went very well!
They've asked me to go back and do another camp, where I'll be assisting professors so that'll be cool. More money at least! xD

Job search is still going slow.
Did talk to a professor on campus, and they might put a good word in for me, so that'd be great if that led to something.

Still have two interviews out...haven't heard anything, so I'm thinking I didn't get the job and they're notifying the person who did and asking if they want it...wish I'd get asked. sad

Relationship wise, I'm feeling less than positive about.
Just have no prospects.. .___.
And anyone I meet is either really far away or a total creep.
So, that's not awesome. Not at all.
Trying to remain positive about it but it's difficult.

Anyways, yeah. That's what's up with me if anyone cares xD