In the story of DMC, the sons of Sparda our bound together not only by their demon blood, but the mystical medallions they both hold. Now when they both started, it was unclear as to what these two characters were doing, who they really were, why they had their own objectives, and furthermore why they hated each other so.

Vergil & Dante, both powerful sons of Sparda, as the blood of both demonic nature, and human nature flowed through their veins. In the end, it caused the feud between them to grow with raging battles, the blood of both demon pawns and even innocent lives getting caught in the midst of it all. But as sought by both sons, the legendary sword of their father, the sword of Sparda. This mystical weapon was told to hold unimaginable strength, and wield a destructive force unlike any had seen...and so the legend was reborn as the hunt for the sword became a reality, and the world was thrown into chaos once again.